*SHOCK* FOIA Documents Reveal Government Lies and Sabotage of Charlottesville Protest

In 2017, a Huffington Post journalist named Jessica Schulberg paid almost $2,000 to obtain
approximately 10,000 pages of emails from the City Manager, Mayor,
Police Chief and others including the FBI and ADL. These documents tell an untold story of a police department and self-serving politicians making tragic decisions that contradict the official narrative.

None of this has ever published or used in an article until now.

Editors note: Out of the 10,000 pages of documents there is quite a bit of rubbish, including about a thousand pages of spam emails from Shaun King and his followers. This short list represents only the most new stunning information.

The documents can be read in their entirety here.

Police Chief Thomas Used Deception to Shift Blame at His Press Conference

From Al Thomas’ August 14th press conference:

“We had a plan to bring them in at the rear of the park. They had agreed to cooperate with the plan. Unfortunately, um, they did not, um, follow the plan.” (3:34)

(FOIA 002; Pgs 91 & 142) Charlottesville Police Captain Wendy Lewis notes that it is deceptive to say, “demonstrators were supposed to enter from the rear of the park”, although technically correct because speakers are also demonstrators of a sort.

Captain Lewis: “…it was the speakers and their security staff that were to enter through the rear of the park“.

The clear implication of Chief Thomas’ statement is that hundreds of protesters barged into a street that was supposed to be closed off to them, or even worse, was designated for counter-protesters.

Chief Thomas agrees that it is “an important detail” but takes no action whatsoever to correct the record with reporter Matthew Nestel of ABC News.

Three days later Cpt Lewis expresses dismay that the city keeps putting out similarly deceptive statements implying that all of the Unite the Right demonstrators were supposed to enter from the rear of the park. ( Pg 121)

Captain Lewis: “Did anyone correct Miriam’s statement? It gives the impression that the rear of the park was entry point for all the alt-right demonstrators.

Once again, Al Thomas and Communications Director Miriam Dickler take no action whatsoever to correct the deceptive statements.

This mirrors clearly deceptive statements put out by Police Chief Al Thomas in his post-UTR press conference.

At no time after being called out on the deceptions by Captain Lewis were any of these misleading statements corrected to news reporters.

They were trying to blame the entire police department standing down on LESS THAN A DOZENS SPEAKERS entering through the general attendance entrance rather than a rear entrance!

For contexts here is how the discussions about entry point for speakers actually went down. We have a recording of the conversation so we don’t have to speculate.

The Charlottesville City Council Went Shopping for a Law Firm Willing to Violate the First Amendment

(FOIA 001; Pg 481) Mayor Signer and council REJECTED legal analysis of City Attorney Craig Brown when he told Signer that moving the rally would violate demonstrators First Amendment rights.

Instead, the Charlottesville government went shopping for a law firm which would help them disrupt plans between rally organizers and the police. Ultimately they settled on Boies, Schiller, Flexner a politically powerful law firm connected to the DNC.

Mayor Mike Signer Brought ADL Officials into “Security Strategy” Planning for the Rally

(FOIA 001; Pg 764) Mike Signer invited ADL representatives to speak with Chief Thomas about “security strategy”

(FOIA 001; Pg 767) ADL representative hooks Signer up with friendly FBI agent

ADL is not a nonpartisan “counter-extremism” group but an extrajudicial police operation known by authorities for infringing American civil liberties.

From the Los Angeles Times (April 9, 1993):

Police on Thursday served search warrants on the Anti-Defamation League here and in Los Angeles, seizing evidence of a nationwide intelligence network accused of keeping files on more than 950 political groups, newspapers, and labor unions and as many as 12,000 people.

Describing the spy operations in great detail, San Francisco authorities simultaneously released voluminous documents telling how operatives of the Anti-Defamation League searched through trash and infiltrated organizations to gather intelligence an Arab-American, right-wing, and what they called pinko organizations….

Authorities said much of the material collected by the group was confidential information obtained illegally from law enforcement agencies. They also alleged that data on some individuals and organizations was sold separately to the South African government.

In addition to allegations of obtaining confidential information from police, the Anti-Defamation League could face a total of 48 felony counts for not properly reporting the employment of its chief West Coast spy, Roy Bullock, according to the affidavit filed to justify the search warrant.

Mayor Signer Maintains Culture of Secrecy About Efforts to Sabotage the Rally

(FOIA 008; pg 123) Mayor Signer warned government officials to be secretive about efforts to sabotage the rally because emails about the topic are subject to FOIA.

Mayor Signer: “…please keep in mind that all emails to us are subject to FOIA.

This was in the context of the Charlottesville City Council holding illegal closed door meetings to obfuscate their decisions about the rally from the general public.

Police Hid Protesters Plea for Intervention on August 11 from Public

(FOIA 009; pg 163) While police and public officials have repeatedly lied about organizers not informing them about the August 11 political march, internal documents show that organizers begged police to come and keep the peace after threats were posted to an anarcho-terrorist website.

Note: “Angela” refers to Lt Tabler of the UVA Police Department who Kline and I talked to before the rally.

(FOIA 003; pg 12) UVA Police Chief Michael Gibson confirmed that the connection between Kessler and Tabler had indeed taken place.

This evidence is in direct contradiction to perjured testimony from UVA PD Lt Angela Tabler who swore out an affidavit claiming that they were “surprised” about the protest march and that she had “called five times” to find out what was going on when in actuality organizers had reached out to her. There are also phone records which directly contradict this perjured testimony.

Lt Angela Tabler (Far Left) of the UVA Police Department lied under oath during a sworn affidavit

Antifa Sent a Police Officer to the Emergency Room at the July 8th Protest

(FOIA 003; pg 169) Charlottesville law enforcement had an opportunity to preview what to expect from anarcho-terrorist groups a month early at a July 8th protest in Jackson Park.

During that event Antifa physically confronted and ultimately attacked law enforcement officers, injuring one of them grievously enough to send him into the ER.

“In the last 6 months in confrontations (with Antifa) the result has been numerous assaults, injuries, property damage and arrests.”

A liaison from the Greensboro Police Department warned Captain Wendy Lewis that his jurisdiction had been plagued by “in excess of 500 Antifa or criminal-minded anarchists, armed with surreptitious weapons and facial coverings”.

BONUS! This was not in Schulberg FOIA but has not been released elsewhere….

Chief Al Thomas Highlights Letting Alt-Right and Antifa “Beat Each Other Bloody

Just five days before the rally, Police Chief Al Thomas sent this ominous letter to the City Manager Maurice Jones. It links to an article describing how Portland Police stood by while protesters beat one another bloody.

Jones does not recoil in horror at the suggestion so we can only surmise how he felt about it by his silent approval of Thomas’ “Let them fight” order 5 days later.

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