Announcing The New Byzantium Project

New Byzantium

I’m proud to announce the formation of the New Byzantium, a premier organization for pro-white advocacy in the 21st century. New Byzantium acknowledges the decline of Western Civilization in both the United States and Europe and looks to the history of Ancient Rome for inspiration. Particularly the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire which continued for nearly 1,000 years after Rome fell in the West.

We aim to create a foundation by which the European heritage of the Western world may survive the inevitable collapse of the American Empire.

New Byzantium is a civil rights organization operating through nonviolent action. We believe in a robust right to self-defense of our people and heritage which are being ethnically cleansed due to hostile government policies. We engage in activism and exercise our constitutional rights in order to preserve them for future generations. We maintain traditional values distinct from mainstream society, which in its self-destruction, mirrors other great civilizations which have grown weak and disintegrated.

We are supportive of pan-European interests but place a premium on local cultures ethnically-descended from our nation’s founding stock. For instance, we support Southern Nationalism but are not exclusively representative of the South. We fundamentally believe that the kind of working class men and women who work the Rustbelt factory jobs and the farmers who till the soil from sea to shining sea, have more in common with one another than with the elites who’ve tried to force their “new values” onto us through cultural propaganda and Marxist social policies.

The New Byzantium project is the next stage in the evolution of the nonprofit Unity and Security for America. That nonprofit, dedicated to preserving Western Civilization, will serve as the backbone of this new organization.

If you’re interested in becoming a member send an email to [email protected]