9/19/2017 Patriots Remove Confederate Shrouds & Thoughts on Cops Working for Leftist Governments

9/15/2017 Scientific Data: More Women Becoming Obese, Sluts, Feminists & Single Mothers

50% of Americans are unmarried, 4 in 10 women are fat and half of all children have been in a single parent household.


9/12/2017 Unedited This American Life (NPR) Interview w/Jason Kessler Part 1

First of a three part interview I did with Robyn Semien of This American Life, a public radio program syndicated on NPR.

I talk about my background, life in Charlottesville, views on white civil rights, immigration and politics.

9/11/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: 9/11 Extravaganza

-Antifa Gets Arrested

-The Legacy of September 11th

-Arab-Palestinian Conflict & more

9/11/2017 Two Arrested for Assault at Unite the Right Press Conference; Third Charge Pending

9/9/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: Cantwell & Kessler: Charlottesville City Council Chimps Out Again and White Zion

Charlottesville’s afro-centric Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy berates a white man and then offers a black power salute.

Cantwell discusses his reading of Culture of Critique and ideas for a white homeland.

9/8/2017 Wes Bellamy berates a white constituent and then offers a black power salute. Meanwhile Congressman Tom Garrett cucks his own constituents by calling them ‘white hate groups’ to appease Antifa.

9/8/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: Stand-up Comedy, Book-Writing & Physical Fitness

Cantwell continues his diary of life as a political prisoner plus:

*rule of law post-Aug 12th
*whether he is writing a book
*the catalyst for his physical fitness transformation
* DACA reacts

9/7/2017 Recorded Phone Calls and FOIA Documents Show UVA Police Ignored Alt-Right Call for Assistance

9/7/2017 Clearest video I’ve seen yet demonstrating how city, state and police officials allowed Antifa to block the entrance to Unite the Right in Charlottesville. They attacked attendees on their way into a constitutional protected, permitted rally in order to deny them rights via ‘heckler’s veto’. Charlottesville CIty Council and the Governor were counting on this so they could declare an unlawful assembly and cancel the event. Where were the police?

Please find me an unedited version of this moment.

9/4/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: Gab Censors Andrew Anglin; WTF Is Happening To Free Speech

*Gab censors Andrew Anglin because of a joke

*Trump gets ready to end DACA

*Why Asian Men Vote Trump but Asian Women Skew Communist

9/3/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: Malcolm X vs MLK & Backstabbing Buddyfuckers

*Cigarettes in prison

*Malcolm X vs MLK

*Backstabbing buddyfuckers in political movements

9/2/2017 Here in a nutshell is why Antifa is a terrorist group:

the entire agenda of Antifa is using violence & intimidation to curtail the civil liberties of right-wing groups; to keep them from being able to speak in public. There is no counter-movement to stop Left-wing groups from exercising their civil liberties. Many left-wing groups demonstrate constantly around the country but no one bothers them. The second we try to exercise any form of speech or protest we are attacked by mobs of violent agitators.

This experience is common to many Americans on the right-wing from pro-white patriots to regular Trumpian Republicans.

8/29/2017 My biggest mistake in thinking white people could have a civil rights movement like what we tried to do on August 12th was failing to realize that the victories of a civil rights movement are won in the courts. In the case of black leaders like MLK a vast majority of the legal assistance came from Jewish funding and Jewish attorneys.

As we’ve seen since Unite the Right a powerful force, united by ethnic bonds and nepotism, have spun a deceptive narrative about “white supremacists” and “nazis” when working class white people were simply trying to stand up for ourselves as any group would. Ask yourself who is inordinately concerned with “nazis” but the Jews who disproportionately control the media?

Also, the gaggle of Jewish elitists who have swarmed the Trump administration forced a Night of the Long Knives against any cabinet-members they construed as exhibiting populist or nationalist sentiment. These cabinet members (rightly) worry that average Americans will start to notice the incredible number of millionaire and billionaire Jews plaguing the Trump administration from corrupt finance institutions like Goldman Sachs.

These elitist 1%er type Jews would include the president’s own son in law Jared Kushner as well as National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, who seems to be angling for a spot as the Federal Reserve Chair, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. For those who aren’t aware the Federal Reserve (which controls banking and monetary policy) has been controlled by Jews for decades. This is incredible when you consider that they’re only 2% of the population but control so many levers of power within our government. Deep state indeed!

Gary Cohn is exerting ever-more influence within the Trump administration due to the downfall of his rivals like Flynn, Bannon and Gorka. At the same time Cohn praises the masked anarcho-communist terror group, Antifa, who have been rioting across the country and perpetrating acts of violence against Trump’s supporters. Cohn referred to these individuals as, “Citizens standing up for equality and freedom.”

It’s become clear to me that we can no longer ignore the role of Jews in withholding legal representation to white advocates and in working within the halls of power to deny white people a right to exist within their own countries.

8/18/2017 Welcome to my new website, we are still in the process of porting over all of the content.


8/11/2017 Federal judge rules that Charlottesville officials were trying to suppress my free speech rights and the rights of Unite the Right attendees; grants injunction!

8/7/2017 ​Despite efforts by Charlottesville City Council to cancel our permit and deny us our first amendment rights we will still be proceeding with the #UniteTheRight rally in Lee Park at 12pm.

7/13/2017 Come to the Unite the Right free speech rally August 12th at 12pm in Charlottesville, Va’s Lee Park

7/10/2017 Disrespectful Commies, Antifa and BLM at the “Loyal Knights” demonstration act like spoiled children, harass cops and nearly riot in the streets before being gassed and pushed back.

7/9/2017 Interview with Rebel Yell about upcoming #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Va August 12th at 12pm.

7/7/2017 I’m organizing a right-wing free speech event in Lee Park. Come out and hear our great lineup of speakers.

-Baked Alaska
-Christopher Cantwell
-Richard Spencer
-Dr. Michael Hill
-Music by Paddy Tarleton
…And more!

6/25/2017 Had a great time in Washington DC at the Free Speech Rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial. As a Southern man, of course Lincoln did not go unscathed. I talked about how the battle for free speech has changed over the years and how today it’s right-wing activists who are most targeted for censorship. Thank you to Red Ice for the coverage.

​I come in at the 24:00 mark.

Carrying the Confederate battle flag to a free speech event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

6/20/2017 My latest for VDARE outlining the Evidence of White Genocide happening in the United States and Europe. These are indisputable facts with sources and citations.

6/15/2017 Stop Living in Fear of the Liberal Media (They call you racist no matter what)

6/11/20177 Here’s my interview with Les Sinclair explaining why I took a hard line against the liberal media trying to intimidate my friends for their political beliefs and why white advocacy is absolutely necessary in today’s political landscape.

6/2/2017 SURJ harassment campaign ramps up. Their lawyer Jeff Fogel attacks at 18:28.

5/26/2017 It seems like everyone is a “Nazi” these days. Jews are the one group, more than any other, that you aren’t allowed to criticize. This leads to repression of intelligent discourse: oversensitivity from the left and reactionary provocations from the right.

5/15/17 I was charged with ‘disorderly conduct’ for appearing at an Antifa rally the other night. I want to get my side of the story out there.

Hundreds of Antifa were there harassing my friend doing a livestream. I showed up to make sure he was okay and tear down the “Black Lives Matter” sign defacing the monument.

When I tried to leave the park a woman who had been smacking at my megaphone told other Antifa to “link arms” and they trapped me in a circle in the middle of the road. When I tried to duck and run under their arms they squeezed in together and I had to push them off me to escape. Then a policeman arrested me for “shoving” the woman and another Antifa spit in my face.​

5:08 I arrive. Clearly just looking for my friend (the cameraman in this video) to make sure he is okay.
6:07 I tear down the Black Lives Matter sign they’d draped on the Robert E Lee Statue
9:01 Woman swatting at me and my megaphone. This woman was following me and later instructed others to entrap me.
10:22 I use my megaphone to communicate with my friend and make sure he got his phone back. This is important because the police said I was using my megaphone “to get in peoples face”. I was just using it to communicate with my friend.
11:32I’m trying to cross the street away from the park when I’m entrapped by the Antifa. When I try to duck and and escape they squeeze in so that I have to push them off to get out

5/15/2017 Here’s my article for Daily Caller on the Alt-Right Demonstration in Charlottesville Saturday night

5/14/2017 A few things the dishonest and clueless liberal media got wrong about the Alt-Right flash mob in Charlottesville this weekend.

5/9/2017 Latest on VDARE: BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS-Monument Defenders, Take Em Down Nola, League of the South and the Cuck Knight


4/26/17  My latest article on Daily Caller: Trump Supporters vow to rally in Berkeley despite Ann Coulter speech cancellation due to terroristic threats

4/24/17 New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu made the decision to send in a masked wrecking crew, under cover of darkness, to vandalize a monument to Confederate veterans.

4/23/17 This video is a good primer on the nationalist movement in Italy, the history of Communism (ie. Antifa) and the crisis of African migrants flooded onto Italian shores.

4/21/17 My latest article for is on Charlottesville’s shameful quest to tear down American  history by removing a statue of Robert E Lee. The man behind its removal, Wes Bellamy, is shamelessly anti-white.

4/13/17 Interview with Gavin McInnes on Latin gangs in bloody war for US turf. Courtesy of The Gavin McInnes Show.

4/12/2017 Check out my 1st article for VDARE with a very important EXCLUSIVE update on immigration flow at the US-Mexican border and National Guard plans to protect construction workers at Trump’s wall.

​4/12/2017 Guest dispatch from Unity and Security member David Caron about the shocking case of a thug released back onto the streets after multiple felonies. He’ll finally do time after a sex trafficking sting.

4/9/2017 ​ Alt Right Protests Syrian War; Antifa Turns Violent – The Alt-Right, led by Richard Spencer, protested the missile strike in Syria Saturday evening. The event turned nasty when Antifa turned violent, attacking a cab and lunging at the protestors. Read here.

4/5/2017 Check out my  Infowars segment yesterday with Lee Ann McAdoo. We’re discussing the horrible murder of a Lynchburg teen by MS-13, illegal immigration and the growing Latin gang problem.

4/3/17 My latest article is on Daily Caller: illegal immigrants in MS-13 murder young teen

3/30/17 My nonprofit Unity and Security for America BTFO-ed “Indivisbles”  demanding Tom Garrett town hall at UVA

3/30/17 Grisly rumors of a charred body and 4 strange men apprehended in a barn. Police claim a school lockdown is unrelated. What we know:
1) Raymond Wood, 17 found dead by Bedford Sherrifs Dept
2) On the same day, Bedford Sheriffs arrest an immigrant from El Salvador: MS13 gangbanger Jose Coreas-Ventura.
3) Police tell investigators that 3 incidents Tuesday are related.

3/21/17 Sign this petition to #StopArmingTerrorists.

3/17/17 Real News goes LIVE to interview M.T. White about the media’s Russian conspiracy theories and Duane Norman about the Deep State and Obama holdovers attempting to sabotage Trump’s agenda.

3/13/17 The left-wing terrorist organization Antifa explained: from the masks they wear, the belief systems they follow, to the tactics they employ to enforce their agenda.

3/10/17 I’ll be doing a live call-in show every Monday from 6-7pm EST. On our first episode we’ll be hosting Matt White, a fiction author and expert on Russian history. We’re going to be dissecting the media’s obsession with the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and trying to elucidate the pros and cons of a US-Russian alliance. We’ll also be taking your phone calls ​323-642-1750.


3/8/17 ​Every day it seems more like Western countries are heading further towards an irreconcilable conflict. Globalists are promoting degeneracy that destroys our countries. Perhaps it’s time we prepared for the aftermath of a catastrophic split by carrying on a New American Empire of some sort built from the ground up by patriots.

3/5/17 Petulant Antifa & SURJ thugs smash property at Richmond rally; chant “America was never great”; call for abolition of United States government

3/2/17 The Southern Poverty Law Center Outs Itself as a Hate Group by Railroading Douglasville 15 Confederates

2/28/17 Please take action immediately to help implement the RAISE ACT and save our country from invasion. Contact your representative here.

2/27/17 ​Anti-American traitors at the Oscars & what is Indivisible: the white guilt club for baby boomers that is sweeping town halls across the nation

2/23/17 How We Save Western Civilization (an experiment in green screen)

2/22/17 New episode!

2/21/17 Daily news and opinion show begins today. In the future it will probably get it’s own section on this site and at

2/17/17 We did it folks! Now let’s hope for a fair hearing. Picture taken w/ Unity & Security for America, members of the Virginia Flaggers & Corey Stewart, candidate for governor of Virginia.

2/14/17 I’ll be holding a press conference about the recall drive on Thursday, Feb 16th 10:15am at CitySpace (100 5th St NE Charlottesville, Va). Afterwards there will be a walk to the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse to file the petition. GOP gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart (R) will be in attendance.


2/11/2017 Protest by (all white) “Black Lives Matter” protestors. Charlottesville police told to stand down just like at UC Berkeley. Many monument supporters assaulted, an iPhone was stolen. GOP gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart harassed. No arrests made.

2/8/2017 I’m building a conservative nonprofit organization for the purpose of defending Western Civilization. Check it out here. Read our charter. Give and volunteer if you’re able.

2/4/2017 The petition to Remove Wes Bellamy has reached over 527 signatures and is heading to court.

1/31/17 My coverage of the Charlottesville “Capitol of the Resistance” against Trump rally. See how these tolerant liberals are of my free speech rights! One of them rips the MAGA hat from my head, several of them try to pull the camera from my hand and lots of pushing and shoving.

1/23/2017 The BEST way you can support my work is by contributing a monthly donation through my new Patreon account. As a contributor you will have access to unique content and a voice in which direction I take future projects

1/23/17 NEW Interview with Matt Forney about Wes Bellamy, the Deploraball, Trump’s Inauguration and an anti-SJW Political Action Comittee:

1/23/17 Please consider donating through this website to help form the Unity & Security organization. This is a group that will help combat the lying SJW cultural influence in academia and media, support law enforcement and reverse troubling demographic trends. US-PAC will tentatively maintain a critical focus on these areas:

  1. Raising money for the legal defense of law enforcement including police, border patrol and military veterans
  2. Lobbying for immigration laws which require that immigrants typically come from Western countries
  3. Enhancing border security
  4. Protecting the country from Islamic terrorism
  5. Defending the values of Western Civilization and culture that unite us as Americans
  6. Bringing law & order back to our inner cities
  7. Promoting unity through national pride and patriotism

Additionally if you have skills in nonprofit development, graphic design, or just want to give input please contact me.

1/14/17 President-elect Donald Trump Reveals Details Of “Tough Love” Inner City Revitalization Plan

Thanks to Free Market Shooter for promo work. Check out his work at

1/11/17 ANALYSIS: #Russia Will Be One Of America’s Greatest Allies During The Trump Administration

1/7/17 Esteban Santiago: The Siren Song of Jihad for Immigrants & the Mentally Ill

UPDATED ON 1/24/2016 The petition to boot Wes Bellamy from office is at 470 signatures! Only 57 more to go.

1/4/17 Check out my interview with Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars

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