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    Jason Kessler


    The more I think about it (and it goes against years of training and instinct) but your right…if we seriously wanna win (and I do) we have to be prepared to be assaulted in public and not hit back, not lay down and die levels of pacifism but always on camera, they hit first, you for sure victim, all whites see and identify with it…otherwise it all gets obfuscated, and we’re evil Nazi’s so nothing changes…IDK for sure, good thing we still got some time


    Al Stankard

    Blank, I agree. The entire mentality of those of us involved needs a radical shift. So many in the alt-right conflate kindness with weakness, and power with violence. This is some serious shortsightedness and immaturity. As Jason has already observed, we seriously need to be policing attendees’ behavior. I don’t recall Jason’s current standing on attendee garb and accessories, but IMO we can’t have dudes running around dressed up in armor and with weapon. If you assume a defensive posture, you prime the opponent to attack. It’s psychology.

    One thing I was thinking of was Goinka’s vipassana meditation. Check out dhamma.org. IT’s basically this free ten-day retreat where you don’t speak, write, use electronics, or anything else for ten days. IT’s also gender segregated. For those ten days you meditation for like 8+ hours each day. Name of the game is to not move and not react even in spite of all those little (and tbqh oftentimes big) itches and aches and pains. I did this once. It’s one of the most difficult experiences you’ll have in life, but it’s a cleansing. I’m thinking to do again this summer.



    Some great ideas here. I was talking with a friend last night & the idea of having a banner or sign that simply reads “Please Leave Whites Alone” came up. Can’t get more benign than that. And its at the heart of what we want. It would be good propaganda to have the SJW’s be seen triggered & foaming at the mouth over such a peaceful message.


    Al Stankard


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