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I’m going to deliver a message to Antifa after midnight, to start the August 12 anniversary. 😉
Media is too big
August 12 Anniversary Dispatch # 1
I have at least one more video in me before the day is over. The next one will be a celebration and thanks to all of you, the people who have made this anniversary possible and who have made August 12 into the most significant celebration of the European diaspora on the calendar, the crown jewel of White Boy Summer, and White History Month packed into a single 24 hrs.

This is our Independence Day.
I think tonight we’re going to drink a little whiskey, talk a little shit, maybe do some LARPing. Whaddya say, boys?
Remember how Integrity First, the group which sued Charlottesville organizers had all these plans, including suing Trump, then they became obsessed with us and we became their Waterloo?

Now the organization is belly up after chasing us to no avail and wasting $30 million.

Like Captain Kirk, I do not believe in the “no win scenario.” I have already implemented measures which are the final checkmate against what remains of their failed efforts. The process of finding out for them is going to be very, very expensive indeed and cost me nothing.

In other words, I am in the catbird seat now and I will enjoy watching what is left of their enterprise grind itself to dust against my steel shores.

One day, when this is all over and my enemy has been properly humiliated I will educate you all about the way out of the “no win scenario” and the path of ultimate freedom for the dissident protester.

Oh, the things your lawyers will not tell you when its not in their interest and they want to keep getting a paycheck 🙄
I will say this, for the vast, vast majority of defendants in the Charlottesville suit who have no assets and only need a bank account to pay bills and whatnot, most states will allow you file a homestead exemption to protect a certain amount of cash in your bank account from being levied.

In Virginia, its $5,000, which while not a lot, is sufficient for most people to pay rent, buy groceries, etc.

I have a lot more but that is probably a pretty crucial one for some folks who are claiming extreme financial hardship.
This shit ain’t glamorous but if you want to be a dissident you’re going to be persecuted. So is that going to stop you from fighting back? Or are you going to become a royal fucking pain in the ass that’s going to make these people think twice about fucking with working class protesters?
A Cville anniversary program is coming on the air now
I have to be up early in the morning so one last thing before I go to bed:

I believe there will be another event. I do not think it is over.

What shape it takes and when it will happen is more uncertain.
And then its a new day and we’ve made it through another year and another anniversary.

I tried to put a little more energy in this year and give you all some entertainment. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Although, it isn’t quite over since I will be on the Political Cesspool tonight, which begins at 7pm EST.

Forwarded from PureDureSûre
I still stand by this:

“August the twelfth shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today who sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And White men in America now asleep, Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks Who fought with us 'neath the statue of Lee.”
Its really unsettling the level of hyperfocused obsession Antifa have had on me the past couple of weeks.

Without even engaging with them, they’ve allowed me so deep into their heads that I’ve been elevated into some kind of… nemesis incarnate.

Even the so-called “professional” ones like Michael Hayden are so desperate for my attention that they are hanging off of and commenting on my every word. Then when I refuse to engage, sending me messages on social media.

The few times I have checked in on them for a threat assessment I see multiple individuals, usually the females, claiming that something general I said was about them personally.

I feel like they should go listen to Carly Simon because “this song ain’t about you”, baby.

They can’t stand to be out of the warm embrace of my attention for a moment.
I have a vision of 500 Confederate flags flying outside the US Capitol. Is that something we could make happen?
There’s a lot of talk from media Leftists about “violent rhetoric” only being a symptom of the Right but take a look, for example, at one of the most popular tweets about a recent protest outside the Phoenix FBI office.

It was an armed protest sure, but that isn’t illegal as long as its peaceful, which it was.

The response, as per usual, is for the Left to demand for the use of government to persecute, imprison, and murder people they disagree with. How is it productive to share a country with people who want to turn our own government into a weapon of war against us?
This is kind of shit is one reason I maintain that there is still a place for peaceful protest.

People are angry and need an alternative to unproductive and senseless violence.

They need to network with other people, which has a greater chance for more substantial action and growth than this stupid kamikaze stuff by people who feel totally isolated.

If people are motivated enough to shoot themselves in the head surely they are motivated enough to survive a dox…