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One thing I’ve learned about in politics is that the responsible, driven workhorses driving a political movement or campaign are rarely the ones acknowledged by the public. Usually there is a charismatic leader of some kind, who may be totally inept or corrupt, but relies entirely on behind-the-scenes actors to provide competence and structure to their persona.

Clearly this is exemplified in figures like Joe Biden and Richard Spencer. From what I hear, this is probably true for most other charismatic figures, including Fuentes.

As someone who is a workhorse myself, I was always treated as a scapegoat or blamed much too harshly for impolitic things I would say on social media or whatever. Even during the Sines trial, I had people jumping down my throat for posting on Telegram.

Look at the way that Spencer has always treated his workhorses, as scapegoats. Now compare this to Fuentes’ recent behavior and treatment of his work horses like Jaden McNeil. Most charismatics are ego driven manipulators with a much too high perception of their own abilities. Only the wisest among them understand how limited they are and how much they rely on the people underneath them for support.
Example: Nick Fuentes has a serious problem with sexually harassing his male subordinates.

I don’t know if he is “truly” gay or just does it, like a prison inmate, as a display of dominance.

But he keeps obsessively complimenting and sexualizing the butts of his male staff members and even encouraging them to dance like strippers in a rap video (which apparently Patrick Casey enjoys doing consensually).

But with Jaden McNeil in the second video he REPEATEDLY tells Fuentes to stop complimenting his ass, threatening to grab it, using violence to make him dance sexually, and threatening to rape him. Fuentes ignores him and amplifies his assault in a very creepy and rapey way.

The “dissident politics” scene is an environment where predators can thrive. No one wants to call them out on legitimate abuse because they are all concerned about promulgating cancel culture.

I think its pretty disgusting how “conservatives” always want to make nice and get social validation from Democrats but it never works the other way around.

There were no Washington Post journalists proudly displaying pictures with Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kayleigh McEnany. Of course, they were treated like undesirables, criminals, and Nazi collaborators. To be seen making nice with them would have been a kiss of death in DC social circles.

But the “conservative” journalists and other swamp creatures don’t fight with the same pseudo-religious zealotry or fight to win at all costs as their leftists peers do.

What Doocy is doing here is the human equivilant of a dog rolling over and showing its belly as a sign of submission. To show that it is not a true threat. He may tell himself that he’s being a “gentleman” or a “professional” but ultimately it is him saying “I am one of you”.
There’s a certain kind of sick person out there who relishes the moment when a rare mass shooting occurs by a White perpetrator. Its like they go around listless and uninspired, reveling in and speaking about past violence that occured years ago, ignoring mass killings by Black and Brown killers.

But then when a White guy does it, boy oh boy! They receive a jolt of electricity, creativity and their life has fulfillment again. “This is white supremacy! We have to deal with the White people problem” extrapolating from a rare incident by a lone individual into a broad attack on an entire race of people.

Amy Spitalnick, the leader of “Integrity First” is one of those people. Just absolute obsession with extremely rare acts of violence, and then only when the perpetrator is caucasian.
What is it about the summer heat that brings out all these mass shooters?
I was asked by a friend for my thoughts on this. Sorry, I can’t properly express how angry this makes me on the internet. To put it in writing and hit submit might be illegal. So I’ll just say for you “it sucks. This guy is a coward. A pussy. He is no different from a fucking Antifa now.”
Not that I really give a fuck about anything any of these moronic extremely online guys have to say. I’m a real guy now with a real life.

But if I was talking off-line with one of my buds my flippant reaction probably not be legal and that’s all I have to say about that.
Jason Kessler
Example: Nick Fuentes has a serious problem with sexually harassing his male subordinates. I don’t know if he is “truly” gay or just does it, like a prison inmate, as a display of dominance. But he keeps obsessively complimenting and sexualizing the butts…
There are videos out there supposedly where Fuentes is threatening to take homes and income from former staffers like Jaden McNeil for badmouthing him after leaving his employ.

If I was Jaden and this little turd was issuing Roberta Kaplan style threats at me I would sue his ass for sexual harassment. In a second. This dude had a hostile work environment suggesting rape and assault of his male subordinates. He refused to stop when they asked him to and now he wants to issue legal threats?

Take those millions from this sonbitch, Jaden.
Just saw this on Bing. HAHAHAHAH. They will never let us go. In a thousand years they will always still be using us as the reference point for their anti-white rage.
I was at the barber shop getting my new haircut (which I love) and Nightly News with Lester Holt was on.

It was an infuriating “Tale of Two Shooters”. The lead story was, of course, the Buffalo shooting and it was wall-to-wall propaganda about the supposed scourge of “white supremacy” replete with pictures of the victims, a presidential speech and weeping interviews.

Then the focus briefly turned to a more recent shooting in Dallas where a Black man apparently murdered 3 Koreans in what police are calling a “hate crime”. But without showing pictures of any of the victims, weeping interviews or including any denunciation of black supremacy or anti-Asian hate the segment abruptly ended with an explainer that the individual had mental health problems.

It is exactly the opposite of the consensus narrative that it is the White guys given sympathetic treatment as “mentally ill”.

Of course there were no news reports of the many murders happening every day in black on black mass shootings.
Forwarded from Counter-Currents
Nick Fuentes to his fans: “You’re a little piggy eating apple cores and banana peels in the trough and rolling around in the mud. Me, on the other hand, I’m sitting at the dinner table eating bacon.”

I don't know who is more disgusting: Fuentes for saying this or his fans for sticking around. Nothing good can come from these people.

Here is the latest handwritten jailhouse brief from Christopher Cantwell asking to have the Sines trial verdict overturned.

As you can see on the last page he avers to the arguments made by my attorney since he is not totally aware of the legal issues in play himself.

All of the pro se guys are doing this to some degree. This shows that when you donate to my legal fund you are helping more than just me.

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🇺🇸🎙🇺🇦🇮🇶— Speaking in Dallas this afternoon, May 18, 2022, the Former US President George. W Bush made a significant verbal slip-up while discussing the State of Belligerance in Ukraine.

He tried referencing what he described as the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” — but said Iraq, instead of Ukraine.

George. W Bush was the US President that led the Multi-National Force in Iraq (MNF–I) during the unjustified and unfounded aggression against the Nationalist/Baathist Government of Iraq led by the then President Saddam Hussein
Unfortunately, I don’t have time to take a summer vacation but I was watching the Bourdain episode on Dominican Republic and reflecting fondly on the food and sights I enjoyed over the winter.

Do any of you have any cool, adventurous vacation plans this summer?
I don’t know what the angle is to this but I’m sure it involves making me the butt of a joke.

A mainstream media reporter refering to the “impressive work and career” of the Unite the Right organizer? Totally legit 😂
The Politico reporter’s perception of my “impressive work and career” comes from the alternate fact universe of the Wikipedia article where I am a neo-nazi who lives with his parents, beats up minorities in his spare time and whose hobbies include cyberstalking transexuals and paying millions of dollars to wealthy Jewish attorneys.

Some career! LMAO
This summer I’m challenging myself to order the weirdest shit on the menu (because life is to short to eat only chicken).

From left to right: octopus, grasshopper and goat tacos 🌮
I know it may be banal to describe grasshopper as “earthy” but it definitely doesn’t taste like any other meat I’ve tried.