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Good afternoon! I’m extremely backed up on my guest interview roster for Happenings.

The main thing is that I need to clear Jim Goad, whom I’ve been preparing to interview for awhile but I needed to read the entire Redneck Manifesto first.

That one should be done next week.

Then I have Thomas777, Steve King, Greg Johnson, Peter Brimelow, James Edwards and Sam Dickson in the batters circle.

I’ll also be back on with @nixjeelvy this Sunday for my updated thoughts on the Kanye/Milo/Fuentes situation.
Ann Coulter’s take on the Trump Fuentes meeting:

“You can’t turn on the TV without seeing Fuentes talking about imposing a Catholic dictatorship, Hitler is great, women should be forced to marry young and have children, and Trump must be made dictator for life.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this story dogs Trump throughout his campaign. The oppo research people are going to go nuts digging through all the old Fuentes clips.

Its hard for dissidents to fathom because we aren’t shocked by edgy rhetoric but we’re talking about a guy who has said edgier things on a nightly basis than David Duke said in his entire career and look how they’ve turned Duke into a political Hitler on Steroids.

Good morning! Two additional scheduling notes.

I’ll be on Southern Secessionist Sanctuary tonight and Just Joe Radio on Friday night.

Will post the show links here.
Going live on Southern Secessionist Sanctuary at 9pm to talk about Kanye https://t.me/Confederate1861
Elon Musk tells the world that Twitter has interfered in elections and then suspends a presidential candidate because he didn’t like the campaign logo (a Star of David with a Swastika)
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The guy who ostracised half the pro-white movement as “wignats” with “bad optics” is running a political campaign with swastikas on a pro-Nazi, pro-Hitler platform.

Let that hypocrisy sink in.

I wonder how much he swindled out of Jared Taylor claiming how different he was. All time great cons in right wing grifter history.
Apparently our chat was set to private which is not what we want for growth.

I have now opened it up to the public.

We have also added a premium moderation bot to filter out spam, porn and gore attacks.

If you guys notice any adjustments needed please let me know immediately and we will adjust the settings.

Join the chat group here:

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I'll be guest on Just Joe Radio tomorrow at 9pm EST.

He is familiar with the enemy of the White working man.