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7/9/2024 ListenConspiracy Theories: Cancer of the Political Right

6/6/2024 MISTRIAL! Inside the high stakes attempt to prosecute a peaceful protester for the Charlottesville tiki march

5/6/2024 Hey, I did my first Twitter Space: Why does Elon Musk Give Nick Fuentes a Third Chance But Not David Duke or Jared Taylor?

4/21/2024 Charlottesville and the Death of Free Speech is now available for pre-order from Dissident Press


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2/23/ 2024 Tucker Carlson Interviews Lydia Brimelow as VDARE Is Under Siege

My report on the Tucker Carlson interview with Lydia Brimelow of VDARE, which is heroically struggling under siege from both Leticia James and the SPLC.

2/12/2024 Secession, Self-Determination, & International Law

Future White nations must have a good working relationship with other countries to avoid becoming an illegitimate, rogue state. We should articulate those arguments for legitimacy on the international stage now so that, if such a nation is formed, it won’t be immediately under siege and shunned by the global community.

2/6/2024 White Nationalism Is Compatible with Classical Liberalism

Why future White nations should enshrine the values of free speech, religious liberty and yes, even democracy, over authoritarianism.

1/29/2024 Elon Musk & the Actual Truth of Jewish Power

Why white people should resist the urge to give up on Elon Musk after his humiliating struggle session with Ben Shapiro.

1/25/2024 The Destiny of the White Race Lies Among the Stars

In the final analysis, whites will not secure their existence and survival through nationalism alone. Space exploration is one of those intellectually demanding endeavors where merit-based white dominance is inescapable.

1/16/2024 The Religious Skeptic’s Case for White Solidarity

The sequel to my critique of Christian Nationalism explains why White solidarity should be natural for those who value reason & empirical evidence.

1/11/2024 Now the ENTIRE PROSECUTORS’ OFFICE is Recused in Charlottesville Torch Cases

1/8/2024 Violent Antifa from Unite the Right Are Dropping Dead Like Flies!

Will Hell take what the FBI didn’t want?

1/1/2024 Christian Nationalism Has Made Me Agnostic

Why White advocates need to be willing to embrace religious skeptics as well as believers – and why White solidarity is a natural fit for religious skeptics as well.

12/13/23 Israel, “Antisemitism” on Campus & the Importance of a White Lobby

12/4/23 Iconoclasm and the Soul of White Nations

Iconoclasm often takes on sinister connotations when totalitarian ideologues use it to suppress and censor icons of a persecuted population, be they ethnic, cultural, and political. In these cases, the destruction of monuments is typically meant to demoralize rivals who are also being subjugated or murdered.

(Preview chapter from my upcoming book, Charlottesville and the Death of Free Speech)

11/22/23 Should We Defend Antisemitic Literature?

The American Regime is gradually slipping in European-style totalitarian speech restrictions through the back door due to the climate of repression around so-called “anti-Semitic” speech. 

11/21/23 J6 Footage? What about the Charlottesville Footage?

In many ways Charlottesville UTR 2017 was the test run for the January 6th formula, namely governments intentionally helping a protest to spin violently out of control so that communist judicial bureaucrats can entrap and crush political Dissidents.

So while we’re releasing the footage from J6, isn’t it about time to release the bodycam footage from Unite the Right in 2017?

11/6/23 Judges in Charlottesville Torch Demonstration Trials Recused for Bias

11/5/23 Public Execution of the Robert E Lee Monument Treated As Grisly Snuff Film by Gleeful Media

My latest on VDARE is very important to me as, like a lot you, I have strong feelings about what was done to the Lee Monument.

10/25/2023 Jewish Beliefs on Immigration, Israel, & Palestinian Refugees (Read Here)

10/24/2023 Psychology of an Antifa Stalker 

10/2/2023 The Night the Lights Went Out in Charlottesville: Judicial Prejudice in a Southern Town

A special investigation by yours truly about Judge Worrell, a counter-protester at Unite the Right now presiding in cases involving non-violent UTR attendees.

9/12/2023 Charlottesville Defendant’s Attorney Files Game-Changing Motion To Dismiss Tiki-Torch Charges

1/26/2023  Dating Apps Are an Anti-White Dysgenics Program (Article Version)

1/23/2023 Shattered Image of the White Working Class (Interview w/ Jim Goad, Author of The Redneck Manifesto

Read the article on Counter Currents!

1/17/2022  Infamous January 6 Attendee Ray Epps is Probably Not a Federal Agent

Ray Epps Cover

12/21/22 Release the Twitter Files on the ADL and SPLC!

12/18/22 Release Twitter’s Antifa Files (Read Article)

12/13/22 The Twitter Files: Know Your Spooks

Read VDARE article:

4/4/2020 Harvey Weinstein’s “Fixers” in Charlottesville Case (Read Here)

9/18/2022 Who Is Banning the Books? Fact vs Fiction

8/9/2022 Subtext To J6 Reign Of Terror: War On Confederate Battle Flag. But It’s Not Working

3/13/2021 The Rich Brats of Antifa (Read Here)

Molly Conger, Emily Gorcenski, Jared Holt, Talia Lavin, Abner Hauge and Christian Exoo

Here is the result of my big research project from a few weeks ago.

9/29/2020 EXCLUSIVE: Antifa Goons Holly Zoller and Sean Liter arrested in Louisville after riot supplies handed out from U-Haul armory (Read Here)

3/24/2020 Motions to Recuse Filed Against Biased Charlottesville Rally Clerks (Read Here)

8/10/2019 NEW AND IMPROVED lawsuit filed against the City of Charlottesville for their handling of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally. Read it here…

7/10/2018 Read the Maurice Jones Deposition Transcript that Proves the Media’s Charlottesville Narrative is a Lie

1/13/2018 James Fields Was Chased With a Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Post-Rally Crash