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11/23/2017 No one said victory would come without a struggle. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/22/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: FOIA Documents Expose Failed UVA Response to UTR Torch March

Newest podcast is up on PewTube. I’m trying out some of these Alt-Tech sites. Listen here:

11/18/2017 Statement on My Recent Twitter Verification Controversy: AKA Time to Fully Embrace Alt-Tech

11/10/2017 Full Cantwell Preliminary Trial Rundown

11/8/2017 Virginia election results

10/23/2017 No Justice with Violent Black Lives Matter Attorney Jeff Fogel in Charlottesville Kangaroo Court


10/13/2017 Charlottesville Legal Update: Nathan Damigo & Deandre Harris in Court

10/7/2017 What You Can Do To Help If I’m Murdered or Incarcerated

10/5/2017 Looks like the government is trying to silence me before my lawsuit begins. Help me fight back.

10/3/2017 Lawless: Antifa Operating As A Militant Street Gang

(Note: this podcast took place before my warrant was issued. I’m now compelled to stay in Virginia) On Monday night a pro-white group was followed by Antifa. They stalked and harassed us throughout the night: slashing tires, taking pictures, taunting and so forth without any intervention from the authorities.

Support Chris’ legal defense fund: goyfundme.com/projects/1433-rescue-fund/

More at ChristopherCantwell.com and JasonKessler.us

9/28/2017 UTR cost at $170,000, Russians promoted BLM on Facebook & Communists infiltrating the military

*Unite the Right cost for Charlottesville at ~$170,000 and growing

*Russians used Facebook to promote Black Lives Matter in Ferguson and the popularity of Hillary Clinton with Muslim women during the election

*Communists Begin Infiltrating the US Military

Support Chris’ legal defense fund: https://goyfundme.com/projects/1433-rescue-fund/

More at ChristopherCantwell.com and JasonKessler.us

9/27/2017 Real News Roundup: Manafort Wiretapped, NFL is Cucked, Antioch Shooting, Moore vs Strange

*More Evidence Obama Wiretapped the Trump Campaign

*The NFL is Cucked

*A Tale of Two Shooters: Antioch, TN

*Judge Roy “If They Suck Cock Give Them an Electric Shock” Moore Wins Senate primary in AL

9/25/2017 Taking a Knee for Anti-White Terrorism: Church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee Mirrors Dylann Roof but this time the media won’t touch it

9/25/201 Demand justice for the racially motivated shooting of white parishioners at a church in Antioch, Tn. The government/media silence has been chilling!

9/24/2017 Announcing the New Byzantium Project: a premier organization for pro-white advocacy in the 21st century.

9/23/2017 Part two of unedited This American Life (NPR) interview

9/22/2017 Meeting James Fields, Kim Jung Un’s “Dotard” Remark, Valerie Plame Calls Out American Jews for Foreign Wars

*Chris is moved out of isolation onto a cell block with the other Unite the Right political prisoners

*Leftists line up to support Communist dictator Kim Jung Un after he calls Trump a “dotard”

*Chris’ first meeting with James Fields

*Valerie Plame & Blame for America’s Wars: Jews, Oil or ‘Spreading Democracy’?

9/21/2017 Let’s sue the banana republic of Charlottesville!

9/20/17 Weekly News Roundup: 

*Rocket Man Kim Jung Un, cartoon Bond villain, shoots more missiles around Japanese territory
*Mother of All Rallies embraces Black Lives Matter
*Japan’s hottest porn star is a 3′ 6″ man with mucopolysaccharidosis. Why are the Japanese so degenerate?
*Trump signs S.J.Res.49 condemning a free speech event as “white domestic terror”

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