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1/13/2018 James Fields Was Chased With a Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Post-Rally Crash

12/29/2017 The Alt-Right Should Be A White Civil Rights Movement


12/18/2017 Standing up for white rights and #FreeSpeech in #Charlottesville where Charlottesville Councilor Szakos calls white advocacy “hate speech” and has cops escort me from the building.

12/17/2017 Connecting the dots between the demographic replacement agenda and the cultural bloodletting of white male heroes. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe.)

12/14/2017 I was in court for all the Fields, Goodwin, Preston & Ramos cases from Unite the Right. With new details about the car accident never released anywhere else.

12/11/2017 Unite the Right: Anniversary Rally Can’t Be Stopped: Charlottesville once again tries to deny a permit (that we don’t need to begin with).

12/11/2017 Interview with Anticom Live about the UTR Anniversary rally, my political evolution during the Bush years and more

12/2/2017 Chris Cantwell & Jason Kessler review a former federal prosecutor’s assessment of Unite the Right security breakdowns


This is only the beginning of releasing the truth about what really happened. The report shows that organizers had peaceful aims. Tensions were deliberately exacerbated by city officials in order to declare an unlawful assembly and shut down the rally. Charlottesville City Council used improper political pressure in encouraging police to violate the constitutional rights of pro-white groups. Safety plans were changed or scrapped altogether at the last minute on their authority. Heaphy reported that Police Chief Al Thomas said, “Let them fight. it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”
Once Heaphy’s independent review began, Police Chief Al Thomas and others began deleting texts and lying about private email addresses used to plan for the rally. In some cases they fraudulently created documents, which they backdated to appear as if they were created before the rally. This is one of the most massive violations of constitutional rights and subsequent cover-ups in US history. I think the federal government should step in to investigate Charlottesville officials for Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights against pro-white activists.

11/29/2017 Calling all patriots of good conscience to join the Back to Charlottesville: UTR Anniversary Rally August 11th and 12th, 2018

I know everyone is going to have a lot of questions. Read away.

11/23/2017 No one said victory would come without a struggle. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/22/2017 Cantwell & Kessler: FOIA Documents Expose Failed UVA Response to UTR Torch March

Newest podcast is up on PewTube. I’m trying out some of these Alt-Tech sites. Listen here:

11/18/2017 Statement on My Recent Twitter Verification Controversy: AKA Time to Fully Embrace Alt-Tech

11/10/2017 Full Cantwell Preliminary Trial Rundown

11/8/2017 Virginia election results

10/23/2017 No Justice with Violent Black Lives Matter Attorney Jeff Fogel in Charlottesville Kangaroo Court


10/13/2017 Charlottesville Legal Update: Nathan Damigo & Deandre Harris in Court

10/7/2017 What You Can Do To Help If I’m Murdered or Incarcerated

10/5/2017 Looks like the government is trying to silence me before my lawsuit begins. Help me fight back.

9/25/2017 Taking a Knee for Anti-White Terrorism: Church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee Mirrors Dylann Roof but this time the media won’t touch it

9/25/201 Demand justice for the racially motivated shooting of white parishioners at a church in Antioch, Tn. The government/media silence has been chilling!

9/24/2017 Announcing the New Byzantium Project: a premier organization for pro-white advocacy in the 21st century.




9/21/2017 Let’s sue the banana republic of Charlottesville!

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  • These kind of miscommunications are common in wartime. And there is a war going on here. The miscommunications often have to do with ambiguous language. In this case, the word “monitor”. To the police, it meant keep tabs. To the ralliers, it meant keep tabs plus react and act in the event of illegal activity.

    Police understably don’t like to dive into these kind of antagonistic gatherings. People get hurt. Police can get hurt. Ralliers can get hurt. Bystanders, etc. In the DC area where I live, police get special training and really seem to enjoy setting things up for free speech rallies. And they are quite helpful. Once I was being harassed and I just pointed to the troublemaker and a policeman came over and spoke to the person verbally assaulting me. No arrest or anything like that. The policeman was totally professional and knew exactly how to de-escalate the situation.

    Charlottesville was a perfect storm of a new movement meeting an entrenched and confrontational older movement, with police ill prepared and a city government that seems to have been biased.

  • Carl Green

    Great video 12/17 ! You’re doing fantastic work, Mr. Kessler; it is much appreciated.