Hello friends,

This is Jason Kessler, once upon a time Unite the Right organizer and a journalist with bylines at VDARE, Daily Caller and UNZ.

I wanted to let you know about a new weekly news and entertainment program I’m hosting called Happenings. This program is going to be critical viewing for anyone who wants to be in the know on the pro-white and paleoconservative grass roots.

Just to give you an example of the some of the groundbreaking, original content we’ve featured so far:

David Duke Makes Case to Elon Musk for Twitter Reinstatement

The Neo-Colonial LGBT Agenda at the World Cup in Qatar

PSA: How to Talk About Overthrowing the Government

Tips for Fighting Leftist Lawfare Tactics

Analysis: Donald Trump vs Ron DeSantis

Happenings typically broadcasts LIVE around 9pm EST on Telegram, Twitter and DLIVE. You can catch up on all the old episodes on Bitchute and Odysee.

The program has to work around my busy life schedule but I notify the audience on my social media several hours in advance of each broadcast. Please watch, subscribe and share your favorite content to help the program grow!

If you wish to donate to promote independent pro-white journalism visit my accounts at Donation Alerts and BuyMeACoffee.

Yours Truly,

Jason Kessler