Data: More Women Becoming Obese, Sluts, Feminists & Single Mothers

A Typical Single Mother on Tinder

A new Pew poll sheds light on one of the fundamental problems in Western society. Feminism has created an unhealthy dynamic between men and women that is leading more and more individuals to opt out of marriage and relationships altogether.

Half of U.S. adults today are married, a share that has remained relatively stable in recent years but is down 9 percentage points over the past quarter century and dramatically different from the peak of 72% in 1960, according to newly released census data…

The changing gender roles, disintegration of the family, obesity epidemic (which now effects 4 out of 10 women) and pornography have irrevocably altered the relationship of men and women. The two genders are supposed to complete each other like the yin and yang but now you have an increasing number of individuals that might as well be a different species from one another.

Rates of Marriage have fallen 22% Since the ‘Sexual Revolution’ of the 1960s. Consequently rates of single parent households and depression have risen.

The Pew article continues:

“The share of Americans who have never married has been rising steadily in recent decades. At the same time, more adults are living with a partner instead of marrying and raising children outside of marriage.”

The instruction young men and women used to gain from their parents, churches and other institutions set them on the right path to have complimentary personalities to the opposite sex. Now the instructions in human sexuality are coming from government educational institutions that teach a combative rather than complimentary view of gender in which the women must compete for power against men in all aspects of life.

For a growing segment of the population this makes the proposition less and less attractive. If your potential partners are overweight, have baggage from a skyrocketing number of previous relationships, do not share any common interests, feel indignation about having division of labor in household duties, increasingly different political values and want to fight your household authority every step of the way what is the point?

Between the 1970s and 2010s the number of women with no sexual partners before marriage has decreased from 21% to just 5%. The number of women with more than 10 sexual partners prior to marriage has skyrocketed from 25 to 18%.

The more sexual partners a woman has had the less value she will place on the value of any future relationships and consequently she’ll become much harder to deal with. I’m going to assume that behaviors which lead to successful marriages lead to successful relationships more generally. Women who marry as virgins have the lowest rate of divorce while women with 10 or more sexual partners are the most likely to divorce (via National Survey of Family Growth). The number of women with more than 10 partners has increased by 16% in recent decades while the number of pre-marital virgins has decreased by the same 16% margin.

Another factor in the decline of relationships is the reticence of men to deal with women who already have children. Like every other indicator of poor relations between men and women the rates of single-motherhood has been growing to epidemic proportions. Half of all children live with a single mother at some point and nearly half of those single mothers have never been married.

Nearly half of Single Mothers Were Never Married

For men and women rating high in attractiveness these barriers to entry aren’t going to be as big of a problem. They have market value and will be able to dictate the terms of their relationship: if they want to demand a loyal, loving relationship resulting in marriage they can do so. On the other hand you have many men who’ve lost their market value due to no longer being the breadwinners in society and many women who’ve become less attractive due to excessive weight gain, combative ideas about relationships with men and children from pre-existing unwed relationships.

Jason Kessler is a journalist, activist and organizer. Follow on Twitter, Gab and YouTube.