Deposition of City Manager Maurice Jones Proves Charlottesville Narrative is a Lie

As a byproduct of my federal lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville for denying my August 12, 2018 UTR 2 permit application I recently had the opportunity to depose Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones under oath. (Read the deposition in full here)

In the Charlottesville form of government the City Manager is essentially a consigliere for the Mayor and City Council who makes important decisions on their behalf. I met with this guy 5 days before the original Unite the Right and voiced concerns about the potential for violence that echoed those made by DHS, the Virginia Fusion Center, and police departments across the nation: keep the sides separate!

Here are the highlights showing not only how my warning was ignored but how the Charlottesville government withdrew police protection of the event without warning at the 11th hour leading to riots, injury and death.

By the way, this narrative about the violence being caused by 10 speakers not coming in from the back of the park is a complete fiction as well. What they’re referring to is an agreement between Richard Spencer’s head of security Jack Pierce and Sgt. Newberry of the Charlottesville Police Department for speakers to come in from the Market St side along with general attendees.

You can hear this agreement reached between Pierce and Newberry here.

It’s worth noting that none of this had been run by myself or any other speakers besides Spencer. I was never told anything about coming in from the back of the park. The plan, as I knew it, was always to come in from the Market St side.

Finally, here is an admission from Maurice that members of City Council sought to deny the permit based on the content of the speech, violating the 1st Amendment and leaving them personally liable to future lawsuits.

Please help me to keep the legal effort going so we can depose all of the tyrants involved with sabotaging the US Constitution by sharing this post and spreading the word.