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Jason Kessler is a journalist, activist and author from Charlottesville, Va. He’s known for the investigative reporting on his website which has been covered by outlets such as The Washington Post, The Daily Caller and The Daily Progress. He’s written a noir crime novel, Badland Blues and a book of poetry, Midnight Road. Jason holds a bachelors from the University of Virginia. In 2017 Jason founded the Unity and Security for America organization, a group dedicated to defending Western Civilization. He currently serves as president.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Charlottesville: Judicial Prejudice in a Southern Town

That’s the night that the lights went out in Georgia

That’s the night that they hung an innocent man

Well, don’t trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer

‘Cause the judge in the town’s got bloodstains on his hands

One of the greatest country music songs of all time, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” was about corruption and the conviction of an innocent man in a small Southern town.

The foreboding noir of that classic tune encapsulates the corrupt, small town injustice we see happening right now in Charlottesville, Virginia: to a spate of defendants who attended the August 11 torch procession during the Unite the Right weekend back in 2017.

Charged with Virginia Statute § 18.2-423.01B which forbids “burning an object on public property…with the intent of intimidating…” they are beset on all sides by members of the court who were among the “counter-protest” 6 years ago and now sit in judgment against them.

These charges are widely viewed by legal authorities across the political spectrum as a statutorily and constitutionally flawed attempt to prosecute nonviolent political assembly and speech. For more on that, read my last VDARE article.

Research, both independently confirmed or independently discovered, during this investigation will demonstrate how a local judge, Claude Vibart Worrell II, has failed in his legal obligation to inform the court and recuse himself in cases where he is reportedly a material witness.

Not only that but his wife and daughter, both obnoxious left-wing Antifa activists, were also material witnesses to the events in question.

Kathryn Laughon

Kathryn Laughon at a protest against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Laughon Twitter 1

Laughon is a self-described “antifascist”, commonly known as Antifa

Laughon Twitter 2

Kathryn Laughon, an assistant nursing professor employed by the University of Virginia, attended a so-called “antiracist” and “antifascist” sermon at St Pauls Church with her family near the site of the torch procession where the events in question occurred. In 2020, Laughon appeared on a podcast called The Pledge where described being “terrified” because she was “surrounded by nazis.” These same so-called “nazis” are the defendants in cases where her husband, Judge Worrell, is punitively denying bond even to defendants without a criminal record. (Read a transcript from The Pledge podcast)

Kathryn Laughon Tweet

Laughon talks about her past experience as part of an “antifascist” counter-protest riot on July 2017, in which Antifa and Black Lives Matter affiliated groups initiated violence against police for protecting a nonviolent KKK demonstration:

” Because when the KKK left, it was declared an unlawful assembly, we were declared, the anti-racist, antifascist protesters were declared an unlawful assembly.”

Laughon has also expressed what might be called “invidious discrimination” towards White people, in legal parlance.

Honestly, I do kind of hate white people,” Laughon wrote to Antifa blogger Molly Conger on July 25, 2022.

On that note, one of the persistent questions about these cases is how Conger (aka @socialistdogmom on X) seems to have so much insider foreknowledge about the cases. In fact, she created a new blog entitled “Burning Hate” where she broke news of the first “burning an object” arrest and has continued to share information that only an insider in the courtroom would know.

While it is likely given the corruption of the Charlottesville judiciary that there are multiple sources, one of the most plausible explanations may be the judge’s wife herself. I found YEARS of communications between the two antifascist activist online (see video below).

Laughon has publicly pronounced that she views Molly Conger’s content with Judge Worrel and shares with him her vitriolic hatred for the August 11 protesters.

Not only that but Laughon has liked tweets about the arrest of defendants Judge Worrell has denied bond to and liked a tweet from Conger celebrating the Antifa surveillance that led to the arrest of defendant William Fears.

She has also seemingly mocked the defendants’ difficulties in finding attorneys willing to represent them in the Charlottesville area by sarcastically asking if the reason “so many lawyers have noped out” is because “Elmer Woodward has flown to Miami.” Elmer Woodard is an out of town attorney who is only known in the Charlottesville area for representing Unite the Right defendants like myself, Chris Cantwell, Matt Parrott, Patrick Casey, Nathan Damigo, and Matt Heimbach.

Laughon Woodard tweets

Finally, Laughon has been a passionate public advocate of the controversial legal position of prosecuting the August 11 protesters under the “burning objects” statute.

In two tweets, one directed at Molly Conger, she reacts with furious vitriol to the decision of former Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney Robert Tracci not to prosecute protesters under the “burning objects” statute because of his determination that it would be a violation of their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.

Laughon Prosecute 1

Laughon: Tracci is arguing about the ‘burning object’ legal issue but Nazis ASSAULTED PEOPLE on A11. They TERRORIZED people.” (Archive)

Laughon: “Why hasn’t he prosecuted the Nazis who terrorized us on A11?” (Archive)

Claude Worrell

Judge Claude Vibart Worrell II

Worrell himself is mentioned in the Charlottesville Independent Review (Read it here), examining the events of August 11 and 12 by former federal prosecutor Timothy Heaphy. That report describes Worrell’s attendance at St Paul’s near the torch demonstration, where he telephoned Charlottesville Police Lieutenant Mooney requesting police protection from the protesters.

It does not mention that the dramatic and hysterical account of “the church being surrounded by torch wielding neo-nazis” proffered by far left activists like his wife was a fevered fiction of a wild imagination. Footage from a documentary by left-wing media personality Katie Couric clearly shows the demonstration far and away in the distance.

Katie Couric 1

Katie Couric points to the UVA torch demonstration in the distance.

Katie COuric 2

The torch demonstration as seen from the steps of St Paul’s Church (which was allegedly “surrounded”)

Nevertheless, the fact that Worrell, Laughon and apparently his other family members witnessed the events of the case and were “terrified” enough by the defendants to phone police makes crystal clear that objectivity is out of the question. A hypothesis of revenge possibly motivating the judge in this case would seem to align with his overly punitive bond rulings thus far. (More on those later)

Embed: Cornel West: Antifa Came to Fight and Get Arrested in Charlottesville (bitchute.com)

(Above) Cornel West’s violent August 11 sermon in Charlottesville

In that same podcast, Judge Worrel’s radical Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police supporting activist daughter, Althea Laughon-Worrell confirms that she was also in attendance as a material witness to the events of August 11.

Althea Laughon Worrell (Left) with controversial Black Lives Matter and fat acceptance advocate Zyahna Bryant (Right)

Althea Laughon-Worrell: “After it was over, we had to stay inside the church, and we had to leave quietly and in small groups. And it was terrifying. I present very white to the world. I’m mixed. I’m black and I’m white, and I’m also gay. And you may not know these things from looking at me. But it was still terrifying because my large black father was in that church with us. We had to run to our cars to try and stay away from these people because they were going to attack us.”

Althea Laughon-Worrel: “fuck the police, fuck donald trump, and fuck america”

This is particularly interesting because it depicts both Judge Worrell and his daughter as being so “terrified” that they had to “run to their cars.” Never mind that no one surrounded the church and these people are insane. How is a judge supposed to dispassionately set aside that he and his wife and daughter ran in fear of the defendants in the cases he is presiding over?

The Commonwealth of Virginia Canons of Judicial Ethics provides some relevant guidelines on this matter:

CANON 1A: “A judge must not allow family, social, political, economic, or other relationships to influence the judge’s judicial conduct or judgment.”

CANON 1D: “A judge must recuse himself or herself in a proceeding in which the judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned, including but not limited to instances where:

(d) the judge is a material witness in the matter

(g) the judge, a member of the judge’s family, or a person within the third degree of relationship to either of them, or the spouse of such a person:

(iv) is to the judge’s knowledge likely to be a material witness in the proceeding.

Also, and this is critical, the Canon of Judicial Ethics stipulates that a judge is required to disclose “information the judge believes the parties or their lawyers might reasonably consider relevant to the question of disqualification, even if the judge believes there is no real basis for disqualification.”

The fact that men have been denied bond and convicted in August 11 cases where Judge Worrell neglected his legal obligations to disclose the aforementioned conflicts could leave him open to charges of misconduct and throw his prior rulings into dispute.

Additionally, Lawton Tufts, the prosecutor spearheading these political prosecutions from the Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office is also a left-wing counter protester with experience as a witness to the events of the Unite the Right weekend.

Lawton Tufts 1

Tufts (Right) is pictured with Soros-back Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney Jim Hingely (Left)

Tufts is described in the Charlottesville Independent Review as an “anti-racist activist” and liaison for radical left and antifa groups BLM (Black Lives Matter) and SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) as they coordinated with the Charlottesville Police Department for the Unite the Right weekend.

He was personally texting with CPD Lt Cheryl Sandridge during the events of August 12.

According to the Fall 2017 edition of UVA Lawyer magazine, Tufts was in attendance as a counter-protester on August 12 and “followed supremacists who had dispersed through town.”

Tufts describes the events surrounding the case he now prosecutes as “powerful in showing how many allies there are against hate.”

Tufts continued, “We need to harness the energy our community obviously has for fighting nazis and use it to fight the injustices of everyday life and push towards equity for all.” (Standing Up for Charlottesville, by Mary Wood, UVA Lawyer Magazine, Fall 2017)

Lawton Tufts 2

Tufts (Right) with a close companion

I have also been able to independently confirm that Lawton Tufts is friends with Judge Worrell’s radical wife Kathryn Laughon on Facebook, where she has, for example, “liked” a photo of Tufts with Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney Jim Hingely.

With this knowledge in mind, its particularly nauseating to read the courtroom exchanges between Tufts and Worrell before denying bond. Both offer “commentary” that betray their political ideologies and agendas. But its most disturbing that Worrell would offer himself up as judge in a case where he was a direct witness and might even claim to be a “victim” of the incident in question. Charlottesville “justice” is third worldism at its most grotesque and corrupt.

Lets start with Tufts presenting “evidence” to Worrell from the Atlanta Antifascist blog during a bond hearing for defendant Tyler Bradley Dykes.

Tufts described the blog as “a source the Commonwealth would not normally rely on”, which is strange considering that the blog post had only been published within 24hrs of the hearing. That is some coordination for a source Tufts “wouldn’t normally rely on”!

Worrell used the allegations in the Antifa blog, about Dykes flyering constitutionally protected so-called “white supremacist” political messages, to deny Dyke’s bond. Worrell agreed engaging in this nonviolent political speech activity made him a “danger to the community.”

In another instance, Judge Worrell denied bond to defendant William McAffe Williams, a August 11 protester with a completely clean criminal record. Keep in mind, as VDARE has previously reported, that the charge itself is on highly dubious legal grounds and should be thrown out on a constitutional rights basis alone.

But this draconian requirement for Williams to remain incarcerated pending trial proved decisive. Williams, a father of seven children under 10 years of age, with one born just after his April 1st arrest, was clearly in no position to leave his wife and children unsupported and accepted a plea deal.

Worrell should have taken these factors into consideration in the interests of justice, not running interference to help his anti-racist fellow travelers secure a conviction under duress.

According to the Daily Progress, “His lawyer told the court that being held without bail before trial was what forced William McAffe Williams of Nacona, Texas, to take a deal.”

“In my own personal opinion I would have taken this case to trial,” attorney Ryan Rakness told Albemarle County Circuit Court. “That my client was held without bond made that impossible.” (Third participant in racist 2017 torch march pleads guilty, by Hawes Spencer, Daily Progress, July 13, 2023)

Another torch demonstration defendant Jacob Dix, drove all night from Ohio to Charlottesville when he learned there was a warrant out for his arrest. Fortunately he stood before Judge Cheryl Higgins and not Worrell, because he was granted bond. (‘Face of White terror’ among latest indicted for 2017 torch march, by Hawes Spencer, Daily Progress, July 28, 2023)

That is not sufficient to ensure justice according to Dix’s attorney Peter Frazier of Charlottesville. He has boldly filed a Motion for Subpoena Duces Tecum seeking documents related to Albemarle Prosecutor Tuft’s communications concerning August 11 and 12, including with counter-protest groups, police and the Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office prior to his employment there.

Read Fraziers Motion for Subpoena Duces Tecum here

The purpose of this is to call for the recusal of Albemarle County prosecutors who may have knowingly engaged in prosecutorial misconduct and perhaps the dismissal of the charge itself.

As of September 25, 2023 Attorney Frazier has also filed a Motion to Recuse Judge Worrell using much of the same evidence presented in this article.

Read the Motion to Recuse Judge Worrell here

Of interest is that the motion reveals Frazier’s intention to call Judge Worrell’s radical Antifa wife Kathryn Laughon as a witness in hearing on the Motion to Recuse.

Why these Charlottesville lawsuits affect us all

It’s not just their speech, it’s yours, too!

(Not up to speed on what happened at Charlottesville? Here me explain it in my own words below)

This is Jason Kessler. Some of you may know me as the permit holder of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.

In the nearly five years following the rally, I have been subjected to more abuses and provocations than most people could imagine. I have been smeared as a “Nazi” by activists in the mainstream media, and sites like Wikipedia. I have been blamed for the death of Heather Heyer, even though subsequent investigations by the Charlottesville Police Department and the FBI found there was no conspiracy or even communication between James Alex Fields Jr. and the organizers of the rally.

I was the second person ever de-verified from Twitter, and banned from YouTube. They were putting strikes onto videos I hadn’t even published, which told me it was somebody inside the company who had it in for me. The purported reason for my ban was for “hate speech,” although I didn’t even have any videos about race, and spoke almost exclusively about the government abuse I had been subjected to in Charlottesville, including videos of police officers physically and verbally assaulting me, and breaking my recording equipment.

My personal websites were pulled down a few days after the rally, for “violating terms of service”—although they never explained what the violation was—so I couldn’t get my side of the story out to the public. In 2020, I would be banned from personal banking with Wells Fargo, a bank I had been with for many years, with no issues, because of “risk.”

The media, which gleefully hunted down identities of protesters so they could be fired from their jobs and ostracized by their friends and family, had no interest whatsoever in pursuing the government misconduct uncovered in the “Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events in Charlottesville Virginia.”

The rally set off a tidal wave of censorship across Silicon Valley which has now engulfed not only members of the alt-right but mainstream politicians, including former President Donald Trump.

Although my own conduct in organizing the rally was First Amendment-protected and legally blameless, vindictive county and city prosecutors charged me with multiple criminal offenses, unrelated to the rally. All of these meritless charges were dismissed in court, but further drained my funds—$3,500, which was a lot of money to me at that time—as I desperately needed financial resources to pursue civil rights litigation for the sabotage that occurred at the rally.

On top of that, the ACLU of Virginia dropped me as a client right after the rally, and I went to work furiously calling every law firm and then every prominent free speech law firm in the country. The task seemed insurmountable. One of the few law firms willing to take our case wanted an obscene retainer of over $100,000. Of course, at the time, I was so radioactive I couldn’t even hold down a job.

I tried to set up legal fundraisers, to sue the City of Charlottesville—for the stand-down preventing me and others from speaking, violating our First Amendment rights—but they were shut down by GoFundMe, PayPal, Stripe, Patreon, and many others.

Thankfully, in October 2017 I was able to find like-minded and sympathetic attorneys who didn’t require an enormous up-front retainer.

No sooner had we found attorneys to sue the City of Charlottesville, than powerful interests started filing lawsuits of their own against us. The most prominent of these was Sines v. Kessler, filed by 10 Charlottesville residents against me and 14 rally organizers, on October 11, 2017, claiming they allegedly suffered some injury related to the rallies.

Sines is funded by powerful Democrat-connected attorneys, hedge fund managers, and Silicon Valley titans. The lead attorney—radical lesbian Roberta Kaplan—is known for having litigated the U.S. Supreme Court case legalizing gay marriage, and also representing sleazy Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein. When Kaplan spoke about Sines at a San Francisco synagogue in 2019, she bragged that “wiping out the finances of these groups and individuals is key to the plan.”

The lawsuit Kessler v. City of Charlottesville, where I am a plaintiff, alleges a conspiracy between Charlottesville government officials and Virginia State Police to curtail First Amendment-protected speech. We claimed violation of our First Amendment rights by arguing state and local officials used the expected violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as a pretext to declare an unlawful assembly and curtail our speeches before they could occur. Police should have had an affirmative duty to separate the sides or try to stop the violence in some way before leaping immediately to the step of disbanding the rally.

The court authored an outrageous opinion dismissing our case, claiming police had no duty to protect us from counter-protester violence. On June 29, 2020, we filed for appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond. I have attached our appeal brief for your review. We’re awaiting a ruling that should come later this year. If necessary, we’ll take our case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Sines trial began in late October 2021 and lasted four weeks, butting up against the Thanksgiving holiday. The result was a mixed verdict in which the two federal conspiracy claims against Charlottesville protesters were hung, but we were found liable under some Virginia statutes.

We have to appeal these outrageous, politically biased verdicts on the Virginia statutes. For instance, I was found liable and ordered to pay over $200,000 to two far-left radicals for “racial violence and harassment” at the August 11 torch protest. But no evidence was presented that I touched either of them or said a word to them. Both plaintiffs testified that they didn’t even see me that night.

Overturning this bogus verdict, an assault on my political speech and yours, is critical to undermining the legitimacy of the jury’s verdict and exposing their prejudice.

The reason the jury ruled against us on those claims was, according to one source, because a really angry Black female juror was acting as a ringleader against the defendants, haranguing the other jurors until they agreed to her demands. Considering the lack of any evidentiary basis to the judgment, our attorneys expect there will be strong grounds to have this overturned.

The legacy of Charlottesville has now been weighed down in litigation for the last five years. The cost has been enormous. We are talking thousands of dollars each month, per defendant. The cost of going to trial last October stretched into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a side of the Charlottesville story you may not have been aware of. If powerful interests squelching our God-given free speech rights angers you as much as it does me, and you’d like to help us in the battle against those attempting to erase views and opinions other than theirs, any support you can give would be greatly appreciated, and there are a number of ways you can contribute.

You can donate online, using a debit or credit card, through BuyMeACoffee or DonationAlerts.

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For further information please visit my website: JasonKessler.us

PEDOPAC: America First’s Disturbing Pedophilia Problem

By Jason Kessler (tip me) (follow me)

(UPDATE: 8/18/22) Groyper General Alejandro Richard Velasquez Gomez, aka “Latino Zoomer”, (pictured below) was just charged with possession of child pornography. Fuentes had previously stated that he “loves” Latino Zoomer and defended him against allegations related to the grooming of a 13 year old child.



A persistent social media criticism of Nicholas Fuentes’ “America First” movement has been allegations of support for pedophilia, pederasty and attraction to underage children. Unfortunately, many of the allegations appear to be based in fact and range from condoning underage sex, admissions to sex with girls as young as 13, masturbating to illustrations of children, allegations of grooming and tolerance of known pedophiles in the America First crew.

According to America First activists Fuentes and Anthime Gionet (aka “Baked Alaska”) the only thing immoral about sexual contact between “much older men” and underage girls is if its done outside of wedlock. Fuentes tells his audience that sex with young girls “past the point of puberty” is fine but should be done in marriage. For reference, girls typically reach puberty between the ages of 8 and 13 years old.

Marriage to very young brides is still practiced in some parts of the world, like Afghanistan.

When allegations arose that America First aligned Congressman Matt Gaetz had paid for sex with a minor and was under investigation for sex trafficking, Fuentes lept to his defense. “17 years old? What is even the big deal,” he wrote on March 30, 2021. But it wasn’t the first time Fuentes had argued against age of consent laws. His arguments for sexual intercourse would include children much lower than 17.

The November 10, 2017 broadcast of “America First” was titled “Roy Moore Did Nothing Wrong” in reference to allegations that Judge Roy Moore, an Alabama senate candidate, had sexual relationships with a number of underage girls, including one who was just 14 years old when he was 32.

Nick Fuentes – Abolish Age of Consent Laws

Accuser Leigh Corfman alleged that when she was 14 years old Moore removed her clothing and stripped to his white underwear before molesting her and trying to get her to touch him.

In total, 8 women came forward with assault allegations, 6 of whom were underage at the time.

Fuentes argued that “the whole age of consent thing is just a social construct.” He implied that because some American states have age of consent at 18, others at 17, or even 16 and some foreign countries even lower than that (Nigeria is the lowest at 11) therefore age of consent is just arbitrary. In his view, puberty should be the standard in determining. whether someone is a “grown adult.” 

“Do we really believe that you have to be 18 years old to consent to sex otherwise its rape? Are we really supposed to believe that people, adults, grown adults who are passed the point of puberty engage in a relationship and that becomes a rape?”

On another broadcast, defending the Gaetz allegations Fuentes said, “Maybe we as a society need to reconsider what constitutes moral sexuality. Because we live in a society where age of consent law is the gospel.”

”If you violate that, ‘Crucify the man!’ Female teachers are having sex with middle school boys all the time, nobody cares about that. But its, uh, a large age gap between an older man and a younger woman, God forbid.”

Nick Fuentes – Nothing Immoral About Sex With Underage Children

On one broadcast of his show, Fuentes waxed profusely about the attractiveness of 15 year old Tik Tok star Charli D’Amelio. Fuentes was 22 years old at the time. When he wasn’t aware that she was underage he seemed unenthusiastic about her attractiveness (“She’s pretty don’t get me wrong. But this is not someone that I’m like, “Whoa! This is a knockout!”). But after learning she was only 15 became much more attracted to the girl and aggressive in insisting, “Charli D’Amelio: HOT! I’m just gonna say it….She’s hot!”

 Nick Fuentes – 15 Year Old Girl is Hot

Disturbing beliefs about underage sex are common among Fuentes’ inner circle. Baked Alaska, for instance, echoed his sentiment that, “Roy Moore Did Nothing Wrong. ”

On another occasion Baked Alaska hit on a 13 year old girl, asking for her phone number. He joked that he’d “grab her by the pussy” and cupped his hands as if to grope her breasts.

Baked Alaska Hits On 13 Year Old Child

On one livestream in 2021, Baked Alaska went to the bar with his friend “Chaggot”, a former employee of AFPAC 3 speaker Jesse Lee Peterson and an AFPAC 2 attendee who claims to speak with Fuentes daily. “Chaggot” (real name Dylan Volk) is a self-admitted pedophile who had sex with a 13 year old girl when he was an 18 year old adult. During the broadcast, the two wander around the streets asking random passerby whether or not it was immoral for “Chaggot” to sleep with the 13 year old.

Baked Alaska himself defends the man stating, “I don’t think that you’re a pedophile” and insisting the only thing immoral about the sexual act was premarital sex.


Baked Alaska Defends Pedophile

During the stream Baked Alaska promises to defend “Chaggot’s” actions to the livestream audience. “We’re backing you up. We said you’re not a pedo. You didn’t molest anyone.”

A streamer known as “Woozuh” jumps in and tells the viewers on his stream that, “Its not rape, child molestation, pedophilia. That is messed up that you would frame it like that.” Woozuh is yet another “special guest” listed on the AFPAC 3 poster.

Baked Alaska has faced his own grooming and underage sexual abuse allegations. For example one source stated, “Baked Alaska used to groom me when I was like 16” and “Baked Alaska preyed on me when I was underage.” Another said, “”Baked Alaska tried to fuck my friend when she was underage.”

Fuentes’ friend Tor Gustafsson Brookes, aka “Lolisocks”, aka “Catboy Kami” has repeatedly faced accusations of pedophilia and attraction to children. Kami is a streamer from Australia who is part of the flamboyantly homoerotic “catboi” and weeaboo cultures. He brought a lot of criticism onto Fuentes in January 2020 when a video surfaced of the two men on an intimate outing around the town. Many accused the two of being lovers (which Fuentes has denied).

Fuentes Kami

Kami’s political livestreams have included appearing in blackface and using racial slurs on Omegle streams with young Black children.

As part of the America First crew, Kami attended a November 2020 “Stop the Steal” rally in Arizona with Baked Alaska. Baked Alaska introduced him and cheered Kami on as he gave a speech calling Jews “rats in human form” before a crowd of MAGA faithful. Later Kami told a reporter, “I’m Catboy Kami and I hate niggers.”

Kami’s former moniker of “LoliSocks” referred to his obsession with “Loli” porn, featuring animated depictions of prepubescent girls in sexual situations. The bedroom from which he livestreams is covered in sexually explicit cartoons of Loli girls.

Kami frequently wears clothing depicting prepubescent girls, including on his infamous livestream with Fuentes.

Kami Loli Shirt

On several occasions Kami has admitted that he masturbates to illustrated images of children. (Timestamp: 13 minutes and 5 seconds)


Pedophile Catboy Kami Admits Masturbating to Illustrations of Children

In one instance a streamer named LeoPirate asked him,”(During a livestream) One of the guys joked about you masturbating to children and you corrected him: ‘No, no I masturbate to anime Lolis. Big difference.’ Do you actually masturbate to Lolicon, to illustrated images of children?”

“I have jacked off to Loli hentai in the past,” Kami admitted.

On February 23, 2020, Kami tweeted, “People say I’m a pedophile for finding THIS attractive” along with an animated depiction of a prepubescent girl. He exhorted his haters “if you don’t think she’s hot…you’re gay as fuck.”

Kami has also tweeted about his belief that forced intercourse is not rape because, “Rape is not real.”

Archive Link

America First promoter Andrew Anglin was a big fan of Catboy Kami, calling him “the hero we deserve.” Anglin himself has had inappropriate relationships with underage girls as a sex tourist in the Philippines.


Andrew Anglin with his self-described “jailbait girlfriend” in the Philippines

Fuentes’ rise to prominence began in early 2018 with the patronage of Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stormer website, which has been described as the leading Neo-Nazi website on the internet. In a February 23, 2018 post Anglin wrote, “Understand this, friends: Nick Fuentes and Paul Nehlen are giving us the model for the future of the pro-white, anti-Jewish movement. I am officially declaring that.” And, “It’s CPAC day. And that means Nick Fuentes is murdering Jews.”

Fuentes communicates about Anglin using coded language, as he did on the November 5, 2019 broadcast of America First saying, “I know that (Anglin) has been very supportive,” Fuentes said in response to a viewer question. “And I appreciate that … I really do appreciate his support.”

Some might also point to Fuentes’ association with Milo Yiannopoulos, a key America First ally and featured speaker at AFPAC 3. 

In the context of being molested as a boy by his Catholic priest, Yiannopoulos defended homosexual pedophilia, “In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationships — the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable sort of rock.”


“Milo likes young White guys”

The saga of disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who introduced famous men to very young girls, has been a fixation of the Right for years. Alex Jones has used it as proof to vindicate his salacious theories about pedophile rings among the elite. There are numerous clips of him shouting about “pedophile demons” as though this is a cause he cares very much about.

And yet Jones, and a large segment of the American Right, are getting in bed (so to speak) with this clique who are justifying the sexual abuse of young girls and in some cases acting on it. The house should be cleaned of pedophiles and their apologists or figures like Alex Jones are nothing more than enabling hypocrites.


Jason Kessler is an independent journalist. If you appreciate this content, please consider making a donation to making this work possible.

Infamous January 6 Attendee Ray Epps is Probably Not a Federal Agent

Ray Epps Cover

The January 6 select committee, investigating the controversial protest at the US Capitol in 2021, recently interviewed an infamous Trump supporter named Ray Epps. Epps has been at the center of numerous conspiracy theories alleging that he is a federal asset or agent provocateur who incited Trump supporters to break the law by entering the US Capitol. The committee interviewed Epps and he denied, to Congress, that he was employed by the FBI or federal government.

According to a statement from the House probe, “The select committee has interviewed Mr. Epps. Mr. Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on January 5th or 6th or at any other time, and that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency,” the spokesperson said. (Jan. 6 Panel Seeks to Debunk Unfounded Theory About F.B.I. Role in Riot, by Luke Broadwater and Alan Feuer, New York Times, January 11, 2022)

Yet the conspiracies persists. At former president Trump’s first rally of 2022, on January 15, he insinuated that Epps was either an agent provocateur or should be arrested.

So who is Epps? What we know is that he’s a Marine veteran and farmer from Arizona, where he owns Rocking R Farms, a wedding and hospitality business (EXCLUSIVE: Pictured on his tranquil Arizona ranch and wedding venue…, by Greg Woodfield, Daily Mail, December 28, 2021) He’s also a former chapter president of a right-wing militia called the Oath Keepers. Eleven members of the Oath Keepers, including leader Stewart Rhodes, were recently indicted for seditious conspiracy related to the events of January 6. Eight more Oath Keepers have been indicted on related charges.

Stewart Rhodes on InfoWars

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes on InfoWars with Alex Jones (October 2020)

Epps can be seen on January 5, 2021 in Washington DC telling a crowd of Trump supporters they should “go into the Capitol” after Trump’s speech on January 6th. The next day he was recorded encouraging people to march to the Capitol.


Of course, many people did march to the Capitol that day, to protest certification of the 2020 election. Not because of Ray Epps but because the activity was being promoted by huge right-wing personalities like Alex Jones and Ali Alexander.

Alex Jones Fight for Trump

During his speech at the Ellipse, President Trump himself encouraged attendees to march to the capitol for “peaceful protest”. He even promised that he would be marching with them (before mysteriously disappearing into the ether).

The accusations against Epps were first publicized by Darren Beatty of Revolver News. Then the insinuations spread like wildfire, parroted by Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz and many others. Ted Cruz and Thomas Massie have even brought Epps up in hearings before Congress and the Senate.



Just how schizophrenic is the Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz conception of January 6th? See if you can follow this logic.

Ray Epps is a “fed” because he told people to go into the Capitol. (Only a fed would think about doing that!)

But yet select individuals who actually went into the Capitol, like Ashli Babbitt are not just genuine but martyrs for the cause. Greene and Gaetz appeared with her mother during a publicity event for the one year anniversary of J6. (‘This was not an insurrection. But was it a fed-surrection?’ Matt Gaetz brings up January 6 ‘FBI plant’… , by Elizabeth Elkind, Daily Mail, January 6, 2022) So is Ashli Babbitt supposed to have been some childlike simpleton who was tricked into entering because she saw a nobody like Epps on an obscure livestream the day before? LMFAO.

I’m sure she was a Ray Epps fan and not a fan of celebrity Epps accuser Alex Jones who said the January 6 event was going to be “…the most important call to action on domestic soil since Paul Revere and his ride in 1776. The time for games is over” and compared J6 to the Boston Tea Party. (Source: Trump Declares National Emergency! Calls For Americans To March Against The Swamp January 6, 2021)

If Ashli Babbit did nothing wrong by nonviolently entering the Capitol it stands to reason that Epps did nothing wrong by encouraging protesters to enter the Capitol.

Unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021

The Epps narrative goes something like this: Epps was seen “inciting” illegal activity. When he encouraged others to enter the Capitol, a virtuous Trump supporter knew better and started calling him a fed. Epps was initially placed on an FBI suspect of interest flyer before being taken off. Could he have been taken off because he is an asset of the Deep State? Could Epps be part of a coordinated effort by the FBI to trick and incite Trump supporters into unlawful conduct? Why after all hasn’t he been arrested if he was encouraging others to breach the Capitol?

Epps depicted in “Photograph #16” of FBI person of interest bulletin

The first thing that should indicate that the accusations against Epps are more about narrative and spin is the lack of disclosure about the allegedly virtuous Trump supporter who shouted down Epps by chanting that he was a fed (as evidenced by this clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight).


That individual is Anthime Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, an individual surely known to the writers’ room of Tucker Carlson, InfoWars, Revolver etc. He is a hugely popular figure in certain circles online. He is also popularly known by the public at large as one of the individuals who actually went into the Capitol. (‘Baked Alaska’ charged for breaching the Capitol, asks judge to remove GPS monitor, by Kyle Cheney, Politico, March 26, 2021)

Baked Alaska January 6

Anthime Gionet aka Baked Alaska inside Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6, 2021

Once inside, he encouraged others not to leave while he videotaped them during a livestream. That video footage was then used to prosecute countless January 6 protesters. Why wouldn’t Carlson disclose that fact? Because it hurts the narrative. Ironically, outlets like Gateway Pundit have accused Gionet himself of being a federal asset. (The Curious Case of ‘Videographer’ Baked Alaska…, by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, December 22, 2021)

Then there is the chimera about the feds refusing to arrest him because they know he is one of their own. Ted Cruz, a constitutional attorney, insinuated that Epps had done something unlawful and should be arrested.


But was Epps conduct actually criminal? If not, and a constitutional attorney is pretending not to know that, we might surmise he is running spin and damage control, right? When Epps tells the crowd on January 5, that he thinks they should enter the Capitol he is, whether intentionally or unintentionally, advocating trespassing, which is illegal.

However, mere advocacy of illegal conduct is protected by the First Amendment. In order to lose constitutional protection and become criminal incitement it must be “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action”. “Imminence” has typically been defined by courts as in the moment when the potential illegal conduct might occur, encouraging others to “Do it! Do it!” Epps speech on January 5 was NOT imminent and therefore constitutionally protected.

Now on the day of January 6th, when the protest was actually happening he did not incite the crowd. He was there at the steps of the Capitol actually encouraging deescalation and lawful protest. The fact that the Joneses, Carlsons and Cruzes omit this fact is another point of evidence that they are running a damage control narrative with this poor son of a bitch as the fall guy.

In Darren Beatty’s original Revolver piece, he posts the video of Epps deescalating the crowd but claims it depicts Epps protecting his “apparently fellow officers”. Here, the wiggle word “apparently” is doing a LOT of heavy lifting..

A caveat: if Epps entered into an a priori agreement with the Oath Keepers to break the law, that could constitute a criminal conspiracy. However, to date no evidence has been offered to support that theory and therefore cannot be fairly considered. Hypothetically, if this was true, the reason he isn’t being charged is because he is cooperating against the other Oath Keepers in exchange for immunity.

According to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who is on the January 6 select committee, “(Epps) didn’t enter the Capitol on Jan 6, and was removed from the most wanted list because apparently he broke no laws. I’m pretty sure the FBI wouldn’t be dumb enough to put their own agent on a wanted list.”


Yet Kinzinger’s statements hold little sway with most Republicans because he is a RINO and outspoken Trump critic. That doesn’t mean he is wrong. Despite the partisan nature of the J6 committee itself, we should consider Epps’ testimony in light of the fact that the accusations against him are riddled with inconsistencies, hypocrisies, inaccuracies and cherry picking.

Ultimately, can any of us in the general public know for certain whether or not Epps is an agent provocateur? No. I certainly don’t know the inner workings of the FBI. But fantastic claims require commensurate evidence, not mere insinuations from powerful people with a platform and an agenda. A man’s reputation is at stake.

The much more interesting issue about January 6th is not whether it was a “setup” but whether it was morally justified. Its clear many Trump supporters do believe it was. (Nearly Half Of Republican Voters Call January 6 Riot ‘Legitimate Protest,’ Poll Finds, by Jack Brewster, Forbes, June 17, 2021) Maybe the tiny minority who attacked cops weren’t justified, but all the rest of it about occupying space and challenging an unjust system.

If you believe elections are rigged, the government doesn’t represent you and is flagrantly violating your rights there is probably a strong moral argument for supporting the actions of the predominantly nonviolent January 6 protesters.

That is the hill these conservative commentators should make their stand on. However they want to be spineless cowards and defend the event from a fabricated, peripheral issue of whether the whole thing was a false flag set up by pied piper FBI agents.

That way they can have their cake and eat it too by defending the event without explicitly condoning occupying the Capitol. Its yellow “journalism”, chicanery, sleight of hand and makes us all stupider by avoiding the heart of the issue.

Jason Kessler (email him) is a journalist and civil rights activist with bylines in VDARE.com, Daily Caller, and GotNews as well as his own site JasonKessler.us. Follow him on Telegram, Gab, and Twitter.

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Christopher Cantwell Decries His Treatment in Sines Trial

Editors note: Christopher Cantwell’s views are his own. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. I publish them here so that they will have wider readership, because I think he makes some salient points about the treatment of Defendants in the Sines trial and the unscrupulous agenda of Roberta Kaplan and Integrity Last for America.

The original document was handwritten by a prisoner without legal representation, isolated from contact with the outside world, and expected to defend himself in a trial in which they are not even bothering to send him documents before the deadline for his response.

You can view the original handwritten document here.

Transcription of handwritten document

United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, Charlottesville Division

Civil action No 3:17cu00072

Defendant Christopher Cantwell August 12th Letter to the Court

It has been four years to the day since Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt aimed his semiautomatic rifle at James Fields, causing the untimely demise of Heather Heyer, and setting in motion a course of events from which this country will not soon heal. Last month I received a written order from Judge Hoppe regarding a settlement conference to take place eight days from now on August 20th. The order instructed that “counsel for the parties shall schedule a conference call with the court approximately fourteen (14) days in advance.” He further instructed that “such initial communications should involve all parties.”

I just got off the phone with plaintiffs’ counsel Michael Bloch, who informed me that this conference did in fact take place albiet with the notable absence of Christopher Cantwell, whom, much to his dismay, is still party to this suit. Mr. Bloch had no response to my generous offer to settle this case, but was eager to have me stipulate to the authenticity of unmeasured piles of vaguely described evidence I’ve never seen, so much that he was willing to provide what sounded like free legal advice on why I should do what he wants.

Flattered though I was by the offer, I declined, and asked Mr. Bloch to confirm that he had received the mail I sent him regarding the judge’s order. He confirmed that he did, and I’ll state for the record that I mailed him twice, well in advance of the fourteen day mark.

I can confirm that I received from the plaintiff a lengthy work of fiction portraying the supposed ailment of their clients, as well as two pro hac vice motions. I can also confirm having received from the court an oral order on those motions. So the old excuse of sending correspondence to an email address they knew I could not check does not seem to apply here, and once again the plaintiffs prove quite capable of communication, when they need me to answer their requests.

Clearly, I lack training as an attorney, but my lay understanding of our legal system carries a stubborn if somewhat outdated notion that courts have a meaninful role to play in keeping the powerful from taking advantage of the powerless. Having seen the criminal justice system abandon this archaic concept, perhaps I ought to come to terms with the civil courts having followed suit, if not led the way. Perhaps, as I noted in response to my then attorney’s motion to withdraw, my codefendants who defaulted and stonewalled will be proven to have had the better judgement, in concluding that justice cannot be found in American courts, in the wake of Plaintiffs’ Revolution.

Whatever the case, I will humbly suggest one more time that if the plaintiffs and the court insist on dragging me through this transparently dishonest ordeal, that they at least see to it that we go through the motions of pretending I am capable of impacting this in some way. This would at least lend some veneer of legitimacy to the scam. Or perhaps the Revolution has been so thoroughly successful that this veneer is no longer even desirable, much less necessary. Perhaps we are so far along in this process that the whole entire point of the operation is to flaunt its lawlessness as a warning to anyone who might be so foolish as to dare opposing the plaintiffs – if you’ll pardon my use of the term – Radical Agenda.

If that is the aim, then of course things are going quite well, and I am clearly in no position to tell anyone so powerful how best to go about maintaining their stranglehold on the levers. But I’ll remind everybody that the whole thing is on video, and YouTube censorship will only get them so far. The truth of this event will be known to anyone who cares to know it, and if this case reaches a contrary conclusion, then the American justice system will have gone the way of Heather Heyer, and at the same hands, but to far less media manufactured martyr worship. The troubles of the wrongly judged Defendant will pale in comparison to those of the country.

None of that will deter the Plaintiffs, of course. Such has always been their aim. To them, our legal system, such as my quaint notions of fairness romanticize it anyway – is every bit as much of a relic of white supremacy as the torchlit march. This institution will not preserve itself by giving into their whims. Us today, you tomorrow.

HL Mencken said, “The trouble with defending human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels, for it is against scoundrels that unjust lawfare is first aimed, and injustice must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

We are well beyond this point. The scoundrels are now in charge, and the justice of the law as written has no bearing on its exercise. The process is the punishment, and an unjust verdict is mere overkill, a symbolic head on a pike to warn others of the victor’s ruthlessness.

Such decorations, one hopes, are beneath the dignity of this court.

Respectfully submitted, Christopher Cantwell

I Need Your Help…


If you have been following me over the last 4 years, you know that I have devoted myself almost entirely to the legal fallout of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Now, the time has come for me to ask for your help.

A major, potentially decisive case is going to trial this October.

In order to hold government actors responsible for the police stand down and ensuing chaos it is necessary that we defeat the heavily funded lawsuit seeking to blame us for what happened.

The Sines v Kessler case, although unsupported by evidence for its false “conspiracy” claims, has a budget of tens of millions of dollars for bells and whistles they can use to massage the truth, including expert witnesses.

This is a totally winnable fight but in order to give us a fair chance we need to raise at least $30,000.


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Together, we have an opportunity to effect history.

Despite the massive +$10 million juggernaut we are facing, funded by some of the wealthiest CEOs, celebrities and investors on the planet, their case is unsupported by the evidence, leaving them exposed as weak point in the anti-White flank, ripe for a solid punch on the nose.

Just think about how much the Left has invested in the false, mythology of what happened in Charlottesville. A loss here would be absolutely humiliating.

And it would virtually ensure a final victory in our offensive case, setting a precedent to force police to do their duty and physically protect controversial speech from Antifa violence.

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Kessler v. Charlottesville: U.S. Court of Appeals Brief

After much delay, our appeal to United States Court of Appeals was filed on March 2nd, 2021. This is the last stop before a hypothetical appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. At issue is whether police have a duty to quell violence to protect speech at controversial political rallies.

Multi-year litigation like this is very expensive. If you support our efforts please consider contributing via Bitcoin or GiveSendGo.

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Shady Swamp-Connected Nonprofit “Integrity First for America” Financed by Key Member of Jeffrey Epstein Network

(Left) Notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (Right) Billionaire financier and Epstein friend Reid Hoffman

This website has previously documented the extensive and profound connections between the “Sue a Nazi” nonprofit “Integrity First” for America and prolific rapist Harvey Weinstein. It was only after the research for that article that I discovered that their primary big money donor was an essential collaborator of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, even after his first high profile criminal case.

Epstein (Right) pictured with former Roberta Kaplan client Harvey Weinstein. Kaplan is now the most public attorney with Integrity First for America

To set the stage, renowned financier Jeffrey Epstein was first accused of molesting a 14 year old girl in 2005. During the course of an ensuing investigation, the Palm Beach Police Department identified 36 underage girls believed to be part of Epstein’s pedophile sex ring. (Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them, by Ali Watkins and Vivian Wang, New York Times, July 7, 2019) Epstein was convicted in 2008 of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. (Jeffrey Epstein Pleads Guilty to Prostitution Charges, by Samuel Goldsmith, New York Post, June 30, 2008)

Many other charges were dropped under mysterious circumstances. Epstein had friends in high places.

One of those friends was Bildeberg member and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. After Epstein’s prison release, Hoffman worked overtime to rehab his image in elite circles.In 2015, Epstein was presented as an angel investor for Hoffman’s pet project at MIT Media Labs. In exchange, Hoffman invited Epstein to wine and dine with some of Silicon Valley’s top titans: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Peter Thiel. (LinkedIn founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman apologizes for his role in rehabbing Jeffrey Epstein’s public image in 2015, by Megan Hernbroth, Business Insider, September 12, 2019)

This was seven years after Epstein’s first big bust for the Palm Beach pedophile ring and just four years prior to his second bust in New York.

After working public relations for the world’s most notorious pedophile, many would sit out social engineering society but Hoffman came up with a plan to “growth-hack Democracy”, in other words, spend lavishly on partisan left-wing disinformation campaigns. (Reid Hoffman apologizes for unknowingly backing Alabama disinformation campaign, by Michelle Myers, CNET, December 26, 2018)

Hoffman, under the guidance of his financial adviser, Integrity First board member Dmitri Mehlhorn (tweet him), gave at least $1 million dollars as start up capital for Integrity First for America back in 2017. (The ‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics, by Kenneth P. Vogel, New York Times, October 7, 2017)

Dmitri Mehlhorn (pictured) sits on the board of Integrity First for America and funds numerous shady left-wing disinformation campaigns with Reid Hoffman

“Our initial money came out of some folks in Silicon Valley,” and from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman in particular, says Monica Graham, IFA’s board chair. (US citizen mobilization, dreaming big against Trump, by Catherine Triomphe, France 24, February 1, 2018)

That isn’t all he’s up to by the way. Hoffman joined forces with Mehlhorn in 2017 to spend $3 million dollars towards flipping the Republican legislature in Virginia. Hoffman is a resident of California, for reference. (The Left’s “Capital Arm Of The Resistance”: LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Is Spending Hundreds of Millions to Growth-Hack Democracy, by Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair, April 30, 2019).

In 2018, Hoffman and Integrity First donated $620,000 to the firm Bean, LLC on behalf of Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is the shady firm that released the phony “piss dossier” which helped jumpstart the debunked Trump-Russia Collusion hoax. (Tech Billionaire Who Bankrolled Numerous Disinformation Projects Linked To $620,000 Donation To Fusion GPS’s Legal Fund, by Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, December 21, 2020).

There are no references to Integrity First being used as a slush fund for Fusion GPS on their website and Integrity First has consistently given donors the impression that their money is going exclusively to the Charlottesville case.

As of February 6, 2020, their website promises that “Every dollar donated to IFA right now helps support our Charlottesville case.” This same statement has appeared on their website since at least 2019, which is as far back as Wayback Machine archives for the webpage go.

If you support my work please consider donating to my Bitcoin address: 1EsUzC6NjpMNj7DA9qmN5VxtFDsPeCbCNu

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New Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Filed

In April of 2019, after reading section of the Charlottesville Independent Review (aka “Heaphy Report”) I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for “emails and text messages of Maurice Jones on August 11 and 12, 2017”.

For those unaware, Maurice Jones was City Manager during the events of the Unite the Right protest. In Charlottesville City Manager is head of the government and police respond to him as the final policy maker.

Jones was with Police Chief Al Thomas and the FBI (among others) when the stand-down order to “let them fight” was issued.

The city had denied my initial request falsely claiming that there were “no responsive documents”.

After a recent reading of former Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer’s book I determined that that was a lie. Signer describes with great specificity the date, time and content of emails and text messages he exchanged with Maurice Jones on August 12.

You may read the filing, along with relevant exhibits, in the embbedded PDF below. A hearing on the complaint has been scheduled for November 2020.

UPDATE Within less than a week of the hearing for this case I received an email from Charlottesville Communications Director Brian Wheeler containing a partial production of the requested documents.

Notably, most of the critical August 12 texts are still missing but I have received a stunning admission that the phones were allegedly wiped without preserving the most critical evidence regarding a police “stand down”. (see letter below)

Sneaking into Antifa “OCCUPIED ZONE” to Observe Brawl With Black Lives Matter

On June 23, 2020 I recorded BHAZ, or “Black House Autonomous Zone” in Washington DC. During the protest, an Antifa youth started arguing with a Black Lives Matter supporter and they were both ushered into a Restricted NO COP ZONE for a brawl away from prying eyes… or so they thought.

[iframe src=”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/ILqFxz5t3Aj4/” width=”100%” height=”360″]

We were immediately checked from entering a public sidewalk which had been turned into an “Autonomous Zone” but I was able to talk my way past by using the “Are you a law enforcement officer?” question.

Once inside, we found the Antifa youth who could not let the dispute go. When he eventually circled back around he got into a brawl with a pack of Black Lives Matter supporters. BLM thugs immediately began attacking anyone recording the melee.

The end result was that a woman who’d come with me into the “occupied zone” was attacked and knocked to the ground. Her glasses were bent and I had to escort her out of the area to file a police report.

The officer indicated that they would not be able to question the suspects because it could start a riot but that they would circle back in a week… whatever that means.

Here are pictures of the attackers: