Sneaking into Antifa “OCCUPIED ZONE” to Observe Brawl With Black Lives Matter

On June 23, 2020 I recorded BHAZ, or “Black House Autonomous Zone” in Washington DC. During the protest, an Antifa youth started arguing with a Black Lives Matter supporter and they were both ushered into a Restricted NO COP ZONE for a brawl away from prying eyes… or so they thought.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”360″]

We were immediately checked from entering a public sidewalk which had been turned into an “Autonomous Zone” but I was able to talk my way past by using the “Are you a law enforcement officer?” question.

Once inside, we found the Antifa youth who could not let the dispute go. When he eventually circled back around he got into a brawl with a pack of Black Lives Matter supporters. BLM thugs immediately began attacking anyone recording the melee.

The end result was that a woman who’d come with me into the “occupied zone” was attacked and knocked to the ground. Her glasses were bent and I had to escort her out of the area to file a police report.

The officer indicated that they would not be able to question the suspects because it could start a riot but that they would circle back in a week… whatever that means.

Here are pictures of the attackers: