Harvey Weinstein’s “Fixers” in Charlottesville Case

Harvey Weinstein was a financier for Hillary Clinton & every crooked New York politician in attorney Roberta Kaplan’s orbit. As Ronan Farrow put it in his recent book, he was part of the Clinton “brain trust” .

Clinton took more money from Weinstein than any other politician.

Roberta Kaplan

Roberta Kaplan, of course, was thick as thieves with Clinton, worked on her campaign and was eyeing a position in a potential Clinton administration.

Kaplan was hired as an attorney by Weinstein and represented him as late as September 2017. (source: She Said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey)

Since then Kaplan has reassembled a rogues gallery of Weinstein “fixers” as her associates with the Integrity First for America lawsuit, Sines v Kessler.

David Boies

David Boies, a close personal friend who shut down Harvey’s rape victims

Another law firm suing Unite the Right participants is Boies, Schiller, Flexner, one of the largest, wealthiest and most politically powerful law firms in the world. Founding partner David Boies was a close personal friend of Weinstein.

Boies took over representation of Weinstein after Kaplan and was a vicious attack dog against Weinstein’s rape victims. Boies, Schiller, Flexner acted as the liaison between Weinstein & ‘Black Cube’, a firm run by former Mossad spies.

The Israelis surveilled and collected intelligence on Weinstein’s rape victims. They also placed pressure on news agencies looking to profile the allegations of misconduct.

All of this had heavy echoes of Jeff Epstein (the prolific pedophile and friend of Harvey Weinstein).

Harvey Weinstein (Left) and Jeffrey Epstein (Right) ran in the same corrupt New York City circles

The Gay Marriage Crusaders

Roberta Kaplan and David Boies were both crusaders in the campaign to legalise gay marriage. It is likely that renowned Democrat financier Harvey Weinstein helped to bankroll the effort.

Anita Dunn

Anita Dunn with Obama campaign manager David Axelrod

Anita Dunn served in the Obama administration and is current Chief Strategist for the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Anita Dunn is also the publicist for Roberta Kaplan’s ‘Times Up Legal Fund’, ostensibly founded in the wake of the Weinstein sexual abuse allegations.

However at the time of the Weinstein allegations themselves, Anita Dunn offered pro bono public relations counseling to the prolific rapist.

Sounds like “Times Up” had a lot to do with public relations, for both Dunn and Kaplan.

Times Up Runs Interference on Joe Biden Rape Victim

Kaplan and Dunn’s ‘Times Up Legal Fund’ was created after both women were implicated in the Weinstein public relations disaster. It provided convenient and timely cover for Weinstein’s handlers to portray themselves as exactly the opposite of what they once were.

Everything was going smoothly until the Times Up Legal Fund was approached by former Biden staffer Tara Reade. Reade provided a credible account of being raped by the Former Vice President.

But because Times Up’s publicist, Anita Dunn, is also Chief Strategist for the Joe Biden campaign, Times Up turned her down.

“Believe all women”, except Tara Reade apparently.

Amy Spitalnick & Corrupt New York Politicians

Amy Spitalnick (Left), Andrew Cuomo, (Center) & Eric Schneiderman (Right)

Amy Spitalnick is currently the spokesperson for the Sines v Kessler litigation and serves as Executive Director of ‘Integrity First for America’, the nonprofit raising millions for the legal campaign.

Spitalnick has served as spokesperson in the adminstration of a corrupt New York Attorney General who played a pivotal role in making rape charges against Weinstein….just…go…away.

Spitalnick was spokesperson for disgraced New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who suspended an investigation into Weinstein rape allegations after Weinstein’s attorneys at Boies, Schiller Flexner sent $10,000 to Manhattan DA Cy Vance and $25,000 to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Schneiderman then resigned after facing sexual assault allegations of his own.

In Conclusion

The fact that Roberta Kaplan has assembled so many attorneys and public relations professionals associated with Harvey Weinstein for the Sines v Kessler case is, in a word, bizarre. When we look beneath the surface there are clear reasons why this might be so.

These are high profile careerists whose public reputations were damaged by association with Harvey Weinstein. It is clear why they would be desperate to replace Google searches of their names associating them with the prolific rapist. This is one reason why they chose a high profile lawsuit against politically unpopular defendants and have been milking their media connections for every headline it can generate.