James Fields Was Chased With a Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Crash

Dwayne Dixon carrying his AR-15 about a block from the scene of the James Fields incident

New evidence has come to light exposing the life threatening danger James Fields was in before he drove through a crowd of armed protesters after Unite the Right.

As many of you are aware there is already evidence that Fields’ Dodge Challenger was struck by a heavy stick before he accelerated into the crowd.

Fields’ Dodge Challenger being attacked by an unknown assailant Charlottesville Police refuse to identify

What has not been revealed until recently is that members of the Antifa group Redneck Revolt were chasing him up 4th St with semiautomatic weapons, prior to the crash.

This new information came to light after weapons and ammunition supplier Spike’s Tactical created a viral ad capitalizing on recent demonstrations in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Boston and Portland.

Dwayne Dixon, a member of the revolutionary Communist group Redneck Revolt, used this opportunity to taunt both Spike’s Tactical and James Fields in a now-deleted comment.

“I take a perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south.”

As you can see on this map below, it’s only one block down a one way street to get from the “Justice Park” area, where Dixon claims to have chased Fields, to the Market St intersection where the crash occurred.

In Virginia, a person can use deadly force to defend his or her person from a “reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm.” Wouldn’t being chased with a semi-automatic rifle or surrounded by a crowd of rioters with baseball bats cause “fear of death or bodily harm”? What if the armed rioters hit the back of your vehicle with one of these weapons, creating a loud bang like a gunshot?

Clearly there were many masked, armed individuals who had been allowed to march and surround vehicles during a State of Emergency. It’s okay though because they’re Leftists and in Charlottesville cops let them get away with anything they please. Laws are only for maliciously prosecuting “Nazis” to cover up your own negligence.

Did I mention that a recent Independent Investigation found that a Charlottesville police officer who was supposed to have been blockading traffic on the street abandoned her post? No wonder CPD doesn’t want to do a thorough investigation. They’ve come to a conclusion which they can’t allow to be proven false, or else the blame falls squarely on their shoulders.

For more info on Dwayne Dixon and his Redneck Revolt check out this video by ABC News in which his crew admit to using violence to suppress free speech rights (kind of a theme at Unite the Right).

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25 thoughts on “James Fields Was Chased With a Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Crash

  1. Have you instructed your attorneys to send a preservation letter to facebook/twitter for this user account? There should be electronically stored data in their servers about this post, even if the user deleted it.

    • The information has been passed off to his attorney and to the Charlottesville Police Department. From there I’ve been assured that it’s been passed off to the FBI. Between the three of them I imagine someone is contacting Facebook for the records.

      • There are several people in all those organizations you mentioned who have the brainwashed mentality that says “it’s ok to break the law and rules of their job, if it is for taking down a nazi”. Several people in the FBI, local police etc, especially in their leadership are like this. Just think about the Trump-Russia dossier, the Clinton tarmac meeting, the CAIR coverup and other cases. They did the same. Their #1 agenda is to make anyone opposing marxism (persons, movements, ideas) to look like evil in the public eye. They feel that they are “heroes” if they do this. So, do not trust any of them, and double check everything on alternate channels if possible. Don’t “imagine” that they are doing what is right.

  2. Don’t forget that the footage also shows Fields’ brake lights coming on at one point when there are people in front of him, implying that he didn’t then intend to run them over, etc.

    • Only he can truly answer what his motivations were but I imagine that once he made impact with the car in front of him he realized there was no way to go forward. It was either back up or be a sitting duck while the mob bashed his car windows in with baseball bats.

      • I get that – that’s why the charge involving fleeing the scene is a load of horse crap. He would have been dragged out and beaten. Still, makes me curious if the report about the gun is accurate.

    • Because 1 guy with a gun is easier to get away from than 500 with clubs and pipes.

  3. Awesome. I got a guy at work who will probably be shocked enough, after reading this, to finally swallow the red pill.

  4. The whole MSM made a big deal about this “maybe murder but probably not” case, while they covered up the Vegas shooter’s case that was a sure case of mass murder by a far left extremist. The Vegas shooter was probably both an ANTIFA and islamic sympathizer. Few hours after the shooting his and his girlfriend’s social media pages disappeared, that could have proven his far-left affiliation. Also the choice of targets for the shooter shows obvious contempt for traditional (non-coastal) Americans, hence the choice of a country music festival. This is what the alternative media should focus on, the comparison of the 2 cases and the media reaction to both. Also anyone who covered up for antifa and the vegas shooter’s background motivation should be prosecuted for terrorism charges. Finally probably the Virginia governor, the Charlottesville mayor, vice mayor and police chief all intentionally coordinated with terrorists (antifa). Try to get them prosecuted too. Not just in civil court for money, but in federal criminal court.

  5. Virginia has a long sordid history of lynching people based on faulty or bogus evidence. Used to be blacks that bore the brunt of their wrath. James Fields has about as much chance of being found not guilty in Charlottesville as I do of quarterbacking the Jaguars this weekend.

    • He pretty much just openly admitted to committing a crime with a firearm… Maybe they might want to know about that before he gets approved by NICS in any future firearm purchases?

  6. WTF…… Am I the only one who believes that

    (1) the “specific intent” of people (close proximity hecklers) like Dixon, at that specific time and place, was to deprive the organizers and attendees of the lawful assembly, of their Constitutionally protected right to “peacefully assemble”. Unlike most of the J20 rioters .


    (2) it only takes two people planning to go to the rally with that “specific intent” to constitute the crime of “CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS” in violation of TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 241


    (3) Mayor Michael Singer, Governor Terry McAuliffe, the City Manager, Chief of Police and the State officials who declared the unlawful assembly, knew of the intent and violate nature of the close proximity hecklers and conspired to use the close proximity hecklers to deprive the organizers and attendees of the lawful assembly, of their Constitutionally protected right to “peacefully assemble”.

    (4) I can no longer find the video that used a clip of one of Tim Pool’s videos, where he as walking alone, with little to no one on the streets and he was not actually talking to any one and happened catch a glimpse of a gray car turning out of that intersection and a red or maroon vehicle pulling up to the intersection and just set there. The video attempted to claim that the time stamp on Tim’s video was just minutes before the protesters began marching toward the intersection and it asked the question if the red vehicle sat there the whole time.. I thought it was interesting and the video is the primary reason what made me believe that it was possible. that James Fields was actively looking to fake fear and run over folks. I just assumed the notion would become the heart of the case. I have not looked at the nuanced details since. Until now, and it just doesn’t appear to be apart of the conversation.

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